Weslo Momentum 620 Review

Editor's Review: 4.2 / 5.0

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The Weslo Momentum 620 is an elliptical machine with built-in workouts, adjustable resistance and LCD display. The display offers dieters a glimpse of the workout success by scrolling through calories burned, distance, time and fat calories burned. It is important to note that many machines like the Weslo Momentum 620 offer an average total for these values. Unless the unit asks for height and weight input, there is no way any caloric totals can be estimated correctly. There is no information on the Weslo website leading us to believe there is a weight entry system.

The Weslo Momentum 620 sells for $259.00. According to the official Weslo website, this price is $90.00 lower than the suggested retail. Weslo also offers free shipping and handling, which can add up to a significant savings.

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Elliptical machines with LCD display.

Product Features

Typically companies will post only positive or middle of the road reviews for fitness equipment. Weslo is different. Consumer reviews posted for the Weslo Momentum 620 are not favorable. Users complain of uninformed customer service staff and difficulty with digital resistance. The display is not backlit, so information can be difficult to read and there is no holder for bottled water or other beverage. After 15 minutes of working out, experts suggest consuming water to rehydrate the body.

Product specifications for the Weslo Momentum 620 do not offer much information. Dieters would surely like to know the weight limit of the machine before they order and assemble the unit. Most often, weight limits are 300 pounds or less with most lower end models being around 250 pounds. This narrows down the number of dieters who can use ellipticals like the Weslo Momentum 620.

The unit is also listed as having oversized pedals but no specific length is given. One consumer called Weslo to ask the stride length for medical reasons and was told a range between 15″ and 18″. Not having the proper specifications on hand to offer customers is not a good option for businesses wanting to sell more units.

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  • Weslo Momentum 620 sells for less than other ellipticals.
  • The unit operates quietly, according to consumers.


  • Weslo customer service may not be the best.
  • Consumers complain of problems with the digital resistance.
  • No weight limit could be found for the unit.


Exercise, especially elliptical exercise, burns more calories and thus may increase weight loss. Having a piece of home equipment can offer a more effective approach to weight loss for some dieters, but the Weslo Momentum 620 may not be the optimal choice. The unit has some problems with digital resistance and an overall mediocre rating by consumers who own the piece.

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4 User Reviews about Weslo Momentum 620

  • 1

    How to turn off the momentum 620 after you work out on it!


  • 2
    Alex Dumler

    lost our manual could we get a new one


  • 3
    tammy lockhart

    the battery operated display doesnt work, any suggestions. also how much would you pay for a used one in this condition?


  • 4
    karen huskey

    Is there an off switch on weslo momentum 620? My battery cover is missing and I have to take batteries out to cut off.