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The typical western diet consists of processed foods, white flour, white sugar and fat-laden fast food. These food choices are far from healthy and could be the cause of heart disease, diabetes and premature death. According to a piece on WebMD, dieters eating a western diet may be at increased risk for metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome is linked to a variety of health concerns. There is no official website for the western diet, but plenty of literature has been published on the Internet regarding the health effects of said diet.

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Diet typically followed by western cultures.

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Some time in the 1940s or 1950s, prepared meals hit the scene. Women were pictured on commercials preparing dinner in a fraction of the time thanks to frozen meats, starches and vegetables. What a wonderful new world this was where women could spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things they loved. Little did the creators of prepared, frozen meals realize that the invention would be the downfall of the western world.

After the first basic meals, the flood gates opened for new prepared products. There was no sense in stopping with one ingredient products. Soon, entire meals were showing up ready to pop in the oven for 60 minutes and voila, the meal is complete. No one asked about the ingredients as long as the meals tasted great.

Along the way, fast food companies like McDonalds and Wendy’s started selling hamburgers, French fries and other quick bites for cheap, cheap, cheap. Western society soon became addicted to fast foods. The effect on health was soon relevant.

Western diets are laden with fats, both good and bad, calories and simple carbohydrates. Chemicals and ingredients used to stave off spoilage are linked with health concerns and some forms of cancer. Heart disease and diabetes cases have skyrocketed and the average American is overweight or obese.

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  • Cheap food.
  • Quick preparation time.


  • May increase risk of disease and certain forms of cancer.
  • The western diet is linked to obesity in adults and children.
  • Trans fats are considered unhealthy and dangerous.
  • Does not promote a complete, nutritious menu.


Western diet plans are not appropriate for weight loss. Dieters need to eat from all food groups. Bad fats, cholesterol and simple carbohydrates are three food groups to watch out for in the western diet. A Mediterranean diet is rich in healthy fats, green foods and lean proteins. Switching from a western diet to a healthy diet with fewer simple carbohydrates and unhealthy fats is ideal for weight loss. Portion control is important no matter how the dieter eats. The western diet tends to pack a lot of calories in a small space.

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