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What Color is Your Diet? Is a book written by David Heber, MD, PhD. He is a well-known author and also serves as founding director of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition. He co-authored the book with Susan Bowerman, MS. RD, a registered dietcian. In the book, they discuss the benefit of adding more color to your diet, in terms of weight loss and your overall health. This review will give you an inside look about the book so you can determine whether or not you should read it and apply the pricinples to your lifestyle.

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What Color is Your Diet? Does not focus primarily on weight loss, but provides solid dietary advice to help people who are trying to lose weight. The book tells you to focus on getting more fruits and vegetables into your meals and snacks every day, while also making an effort to reduce the amount of fats, sugars, and animal based proteins you are eating. The authors say that if you are making the effort to eat larger portions of the stuff that is good for you, and lesser portions of the stuff that is bad for you, along with getting some physical activity into the mix, eventually you would start to shed the excess weight. He says to focus on foods with intense colors, (not red meat, though) and to try to fit the rainbow in because each color represents different nutrients and antioxidants the body needs. There is a week’s worth of menu suggestions for men and women who are trying to get started eating more color.

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  • What Color is Your Diet? Provides solid nutrition advice for people who are wanting to get healthy.
  • This book is written by two health professionals.


  • What Color is Your Diet? Is not specifically geared toward weight loss.
  • Simply reading a book will not help you change your lifestyle. You must be willing to take what you have read and apply it.
  • There is no exercise plan mentioned in this book.
  • There is only a meal plan and suggestions for a week.


What Color is Your Diet? Provides a good, solid, foundation for what the components of a healthy diet are. The book breaks down into the color code system to tell you what benefits fruits and vegetables of certain colors offer you, and tells you about the foods that are off limits and why. The book does not provide an exercise plan, but it makes mention of how important exercise can be to overall health and weight loss. Though the book does not focus on weight loss, you can lose weight following the principles of this book. It is advised to follow the information in this book along with a regular workout, and the inclusion of a clinically proven weight loss supplement to help you reach your goals.

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