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Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health offers a glimpse at life without wheat. The author, Dr. William Davis, is a cardiologist who noticed the connection with restricting the intake of wheat and the overall improvement in the health of his patients.


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The premise of the book is that wheat, in its current form, is an unhealthy choice for people. The book is broken into three parts that explain the science and offer advice on how to live wheat free. The first section of the book is a three chapter introduction into the unhealthy aspects of whole grain and how modern wheat is different from its ancestors. The second part of the book is nine chapters and explains how wheat is addictive, why it leads to obesity and diabetes, and how it affects the overall health of the body. The final part is the last chapter where Dr. Davis outlines the way to cut wheat from your diet and follow his diet plan.


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  • The book is readily available from online merchants and local retailers.
  • The information in the book is research oriented and thorough.




  • High use of medical terminology may make it difficult for some readers to maintain intrest.
  • Has been compared to the Atkins diet in that carbohydrates are vilified.
  • Some reviewers have said that the book does not do a good job of outlining an actual diet.




Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health sounds a lot like other programs that promote a low carbohydrate diet for a reason, it is. The difference is in this plan the focus is on wheat at first, although eventually all carbs are vilified and stricken from the diet. For people with a wheat intolerance, this may be an invaluable resource in learning more about the condition and helping educate family members on the condition. However, for individuals who are simply trying to lose weight this book may be more frustrating than illuminating. The focus of the book is on the evils of wheat. A mere one chapter is set aside to actually provide any dietary instruction. While the book certainly gets points for being well researched, it does little to actually help one create a functioning diet. For people serious about losing weight, not just learning about gluten, a different diet book is probably best. Regardless of the diet plan chosen, using a weight loss supplement that has been scientifically proven to decrease appetite can help make the transition to a new way of eating easier.

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10 User Reviews about Wheat Belly

  • 1

    is eziekiel bread ok on wheat belly diet?


    Your Name

    That bread is still Wheat, sorry….


  • 2

    I only weigh 117 pounds and am 5 feet tall but over the years all of my excess (fat) is around my stomach area. I am a very active 68 years old, have had 2 children and many female surgeries that involved surgery and incisions through my stomach. I obviously do not want to lose a lot of weight as most time when I do lose weight I lose it in my face, which is not attractive at my age. I more than anything want to help my IBS which creates a lot of problems in my world. Am I on the right track with this diet?


  • 3

    I am a 70 year old female. I am just about right for my weight but I have a big tummy. Does this book/diet do away with the tummy?



    Yes — that’s my problem too. Just reading the book now so can’t actually swear it works but that’s the premise and he makes a convincing argument that eliminating wheat (and the blood sugar problems it causes) will make the midline fat go away.


  • 4

    Would like to know more about chromosome levels of bread. W too are on the Wheat Belly plan, husband an I both lost so far…5 lbs. neither one of us extremely overweight, however parents on both sides are diabetic. He is doing fine on the diet, but I feel like my blood sugar gets low, especially in the am…so have started eating some fruit. Anyone else noticing this? I have been tested but am not diabetic.



    Update…I no longer notice any sugar lows. Husband and I are doing great and slowly loosing the weight, but more than that..we no longest have the acid indigestion. So far so good. We’ll let you know how our physicals come out.


  • 5

    I started my diet change 1 week ago and already lost 4 lbs. The book was recommended by my doctor to try before she put me on medications to adjust all the problems. I’m 54 and need to drop 20 pounds in 3 months or else……I decided to give the book a try and I’m not hungry like I usually am. I still can have my red wine too and don’t have to weigh or count calories. I’ll post an update in a month.


  • 6
    Anne Whyte

    This book has been a revelation to my husband and myself My husband has lowered his blood glucose to a consistent reading of 5 -7 lowered his insulin intake marginally ,but it has only been 6 weeks, generally feels better I have greatly if not completely eliminated, acid indigestion / heart burn and I am off medications fo it for it My facial skin is cleared up I don’t get that blotting and extende hard gut after dinner. I would be crazy to go back to eating Wheat again even though I do miss it.



    December 19th, 2012. I agree with the above comments, the results for me were the same. A recent A1C of 5.4 and loss of 30 pounds after having used a 3 -4 month fruit fast to loose 30 pounds. That is a loss over all of 60 pounds! Friends do not recognize me until I approach them. The book is not that difficult to understand, I took the “cold turkey” away from modern 42 chromosome wheat to the ancient Einkorn 14 chromosome wheat. This means baking my own breads, but since changing from the “modern” wheat, I do NOT get the severe carb highs and then the crashes and extreme cravings for more “harmful” high chromosome wheat. There are boxed pastas, wheat berries (cooked like rice)and cookies made from the ancient 14 chromosome wheat. The change helped me lose the weight without dieting and just avoid the “modern 42 chromosome wheat. Once I lost the weight, I find I am not as sensitive to a little of the modern wheat in moderation.