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Wheat Grass is a type of premature wheat plant that grows abundantly in Europe and North America, and is often touted a miracle plant that is claimed to heal numerous ailments, including cancer and poor digestion. It is fairly easy to grow this type of plant, making it widely accessible for everyone. Wheat Grass is also sold in health stores in capsule or juice form. Recently proponents of Wheat Grass have claimed eating a Wheat Grass diet may reverse the symptoms of cancer, claiming this is due to the abundant minerals and antioxidants that naturally occur in it. While the jury may be out about this claim, Wheat Grass is shown to contain many beneficial properties. Perhaps turning to a natural herb may be the way to go, but this does not mean it is more powerful than artificial supplements.


Wheat Grass is abundant in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll.

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Wheat Grass is heralded as a miracle plant amongst herbalists because it contains numerous nutrients and minerals, including protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B12. Wheat Grass contains more of these nutrients than spinach and other green plants, and some nutritionists may recommend supplementing a diet with Wheat Grass instead of spinach for a boost in these nutrients. Otherwise there are few other nutritional benefits contained with Wheat Grass, except for its rich antioxidant activity, which may prevent cell mutation, a leading cause of cancer. The Wheat Grass Diet was created from this minuscule bit of evidence, which claims cancer can be completely reversed by eating Wheat Grass every day. There is no evidence that Wheat Grass will reverse the signs or symptoms of cancer. In fact, these claims do need to be FDA approved to be legitimate, but supplementing a diet with antioxidants is shown to help lessen the risk of developing cancer.

Additionally, some advocates of Wheat Grass claim it can help improve digestion, which may aid in weight loss, but there is no evidence supporting this claim. Dieters should seek an herb with scientifically backed evidence instead, but this does not necessarily mean they should dismiss Wheat Grass as an ineffective herb.

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  • Contains numerous nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Is shown to contain more minerals compared to other green plants.


  • Is not shown to contain dietary benefits.
  • Despite claims made by diet companies, it is not believed to reverse the symptoms of cancer.
  • Although it is easy to purchase, it may be a bit expensive.


Wheat Grass contains numerous nutrients which may be useful for supplementing a healthy diet, but the herb itself does not appear to contain any notable dietary benefits. It does contain more nutrients than other green plants, however, and switching out spinach for Wheat Grass may be one option to consider.

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  • 1

    hi,i have fibroadenomas(breast lumps),can i take wheat grass.


  • 2

    since taking wheat grass i have a bad bladder infection for which i am on antibiotics .I was told my white blood cells are high


  • 3

    Wheatgrass is most important in healing most of the health problems. as we are manufacturer of wheatgrass capsules and powders we came across many health problems which can be cure through proper treatment of wheatgrass.


  • 4
    Jenny Abrecht

    If I am gluten intolerant can I use wheatgrass



    Yes wheatgrass is gluten free. Make sure you read the label of any processed item. But pure wheatgrass has 0 gluten.



    Wheat Grass does contain gluten, as every form of whole grain wheat contains gluten.

    It’s scientifically unknown at this time if wheat grass has a net positive or negative affect on people who are affected by gluten, since there are other benefits that may or may not aid in digestion, counteracting any gluten in wheat grass.

    While there are many positive personal antidotes, there is enough negative antidotes to be cautious with wheat grass both for people affected by gluten and people who suffer from grass allergies.



    wheat grass doesn’t contain any gluten


  • 5
    Jenny Abrecht

    If I am gluten intolerant can I take wheatgrass