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Most people have heard of the weight loss reality show, The Biggest Loser, in which obese contestants are sent to a ranch with a personal trainer and encouraged to diet and exercise. The wild success of the show led Dr. Rob Huizenga, the show’s lead physician, to compile his research into a book for the general public, titled Where Did All the Fat Go? The WOW! Prescription to Reach Your Ideal Weight-and Stay There! The book showcases Huizenga’s diet and exercise plan and is designed for those who wish to achieve the same results as the contestants.

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The book, like the diet plan itself, is divided into two parts: a low-fat diet, designed to help a person lose weight and keep it off; and a daily exercise program, meant to help the dieter see dramatic results in a short amount of time. The diet incorporates all of the daily essential and recommended nutritional requirements, and is meant to represent, not a flash-in-the-pan change in eating habits, but a life-long conversion to a healthier diet. The diet program utilizes a ‘calorie consumed,’ rather than a ‘calorie burned’ approach, which many people find easier and more attractive. The exercise program is meant to be implemented without a personal trainer or gym membership, and suggests a daily two hour exercise regime for the first six months. The book is self-contained, and requires no outside research or information. Everything the dieter needs-with the exception of the food-is contained in the book.

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  • Where Did All the Weight Go? is written by a doctor with proven success in helping people lose weight.
  • Huizenga is the doctor behind the diet plan used on the TV show The Biggest Loser.
  • Where Did All the Weight Go? is moderately priced.
  • Huizenga’s program follows a ‘calories consumed,’ rather than a ‘calories burned’ approach, which many will find more realistic.
  • Huizenga’s diet and exercise plan can be implemented without the help of a personal trainer.


  • The exercise requirements in Where Did All the Weight Go? may be difficult for the morbidly obese.


Where Did All the Weight Go? is a calorie-controlled fat-reduced carbohydrate-modified diet and exercise program, geared to help the obese lose weight without depriving themselves of nutrients or pleasure. It does not rely on expensive dietary supplements, and is not sold in combination with any other program. Most doctors and dieticians say that the secret to genuine weight loss is a lifestyle change that involves watching what you eat and exercising regularly. In that, Where Did All the Weight Go? seems to be simple medical wisdom. Whether or not it will work for a particular person depends largely on his or her commitment to change, as well as individual circumstance-such as ability to purchase whole foods and time to exercise.

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