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WheyUP is a sugar-free, non-carbonated protein drink made of whey. Whey-based protein products require more energy to digest than other types of food; they also help preserve lean muscle tissue and slow down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, making them ideal for weight loss programs and healthy active lifestyles.

List of Ingredients

Filtered water, whey protein isolate, citric acid, taurine, natural & artificial flavors, d-glucuronolactone, sodium citrate, caffeine, inositol, sucralose, niacinamide (vitamin B3), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), pantothentic acid (vitamin B5), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), various flavoring and coloring agents.

Product Features

Protein is a necessary part of an athlete’s diet, because it heals torn muscles and enhances metabolism. It also preserves lean muscle tissue and slows down the absorption of glucose, making it particularly attractive to dieters. Whey is an all-natural milk product. WheyUP contains no fats, and only one gram of carbohydrates. Whey protein can be incorporated into the diets of even the lactose intolerant, since the substances that cause digestive problems are removed in the process of making the whey. WheyUP also contains no sugar, making it a viable option for diabetics. While medical experts disagree over precisely how much protein the human body needs, government recommendations call for fifty grams of protein in a two thousand calorie diet. To ensure that one is a positive muscle-building fat-burning state, some experts advocate consuming around 0.9 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. WheyUP gives one twenty grams of protein with each serving, making it an excellent source of protein.

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  • Whey is all-natural and contains no preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • WheyUP is filled with amino acids, which stimulate metabolism.
  • Whey is derived from cows’ milk, something most people’s systems can take.
  • Whey can also be ingested by the lactose intolerant, since the substances that cause digestive problems are removed in the whey-making process.
  • WheyUP has only one gram of carbohydrates.
  • WheyUP contains no sugar, no fat, and is only ninety calories.
  • Unlike many whey protein drinks, WheyUP is non-carbonated, making it safe to use before a workout, and it comes in a variety of flavors.


  • Whey digests very quickly and often leaves one feeling hungry again soon after eating.


Many dieters find whey protein drinks to be a safe and effective way to stimualte weight loss. For most of these people, WheyUP can be successfully incorporated into a balanced regime of diet and exercise. Doctors counsel people to not use WheyUP in place of regular meals, but to instead establish a well-rounded and healthy eating and exercise plan, supplemented with doses of WheyUP.

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