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For those who are having difficulty finding a diet plan that works; it may be a small comfort to know you are not alone. Men and women from around the world have been looking for an effective weight loss method that will turn the scales in their favor. One that you may not have heard of is the White Food Diet. The name is a bit misleading as the most popular form of the diet actually requires eliminating white foods from the diet altogether.


There are several versions of the White Food Diet that are all available online at no charge. Although the specific details about the diet vary from site to site, the basic rule remains the same. White, or overly processed foods, should not be eaten during this diet. While this is not a low carbohydrate diet, the goal behind removing the white food seems to be to replace foods that have a high glycemic rating with foods that have a low glycemic rating.


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While the exact specifications of the diet vary on the plan selected, there are a few constants that can be found. Foods that should be avoided on the White Food Diet include white pasta, white potatoes, white rice, white beans, white sugar, white bread and anything made with white flour. Things that may be consumed on the White Food Diet include whole wheat pasta, whole grain breads, brown rice, green and colorful fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, and meat. The amount of food is not restricted and no exercise advice is associated with this diet.


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  • The diet is available online for free.
  • The diet rules are easy to understand.
  • No special equipment or books must be purchases to begin the diet.




  • May be difficult to give up some foods.
  • The diet is not based on scientific research.
  • It is not a diet that should be maintained for long periods of time, due to the restrictiveness.
  • Portions sizes and specific guidelines are not available.




There are a few good things about the White Food Diet and several bad. The good part of the diet is that it is free and fairly straightforward. The bad part of the diet that it will take a great deal of prior nutritional knowledge to know the appropriate portion sizes, and eliminating entire groups of food will make it difficult to maintain and may negatively affect the health of the dieter. Without portion control in place even the healthiest of foods can cause people to gain weight and can certainly hinder weight loss. Overall, it is an interesting novelty diet but no one color group is unhealthier than another.

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