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White Willow Bark is an ingredient which is being used in supplements as an aid to weight loss to help dieters to meet their weight loss goals quickly and easily. White Willow Bark is actually another name for the original version of aspirin, which has traditionally been used for very different reasons.

Aspirin has been used for centuries as a way of reducing fever and inflammation, treating pain and helping certain medical conditions. White Willow Bark in fact does not aid weight loss at all when used on its own, though scientific research has shown that it may be able to extend the activity and effects of other ingredients when used in a dietary supplement.

Thermogenics are some of the most common ingredients to be found in diet supplements, and are the ones that aspirin is able to impact upon. Thermogenics should be able to quicken the fat burning process and metabolism in order to aid weight loss.


White Willow Bark contains the ingredient salicin.

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White Willow Bark has been proven as a natural remedy for certain conditions that aspirin is used to treat, though there is no guarantee that it can aid weight loss. It is believed to be able to extend effects of other weight loss ingredients.

There are some possible side effects due to the ingredient of White Willow Bark known as salicin. This is known to cause ulcers, and overdoses will lead to side effects such as skin rash, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus and kidney inflammation. Due to these risks you may want to talk to your physician before taking a product with a lot of this ingredient in it.

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  • White Willow Bark is an all natural ingredient.
  • White Willow Bark may help other weight loss ingredients work more effectively.


  • This product may decrease your blood’s clotting ability.
  • White Willow Bark may interact negatively with prescription medications.
  • White Willow Bark doesn’t do much for weight loss on its own.


White Willow Bark is pretty similar to asprin and is frequently found in all kinds of weight loss supplements and performance enhancing products. This ingredient basically helps all the other ingredients work better and faster and is relatively safe. If you have a known allergy to asprin products or have issues with blood clotting, you should avoid anything containing White Willow Bark.

As long as you tolerate asprin, there’s no reason to avoid this ingredient and if taken with a powerful thermogenic based weight loss ingredient, it may help it work a little better with more immediate results. There are plenty of weight loss products that work so well on their own it’s doubtful if you really need this specific ingredient at all however.

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10 User Reviews about White Willow Bark

  • 1

    I do not tolerate asperin it causes me to have upset stomach I do take tumeric, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine for severe arthritis in my spine and have also ordered Boswellia extract and willow bark I am also taking atenol for my heart will willow bark interfere with any of these supplements.


  • 2

    I’m rotating 9 and 10 mg warfarin everyother day. I have my own inr machine. Do you think this would be safe if I took this for a pain reliver and checked my inr every few days?


  • 3

    I am using it together with organic green tea extract (fluoride free brand) for weight loss. It seems to prevent the soreness and stiffness after a workout or when waking up for the day, which allow me to move more and exercise without pain so much, which, in turn, is helping with weight loss. Before, whenever I worked out, I had to wait several days to do so again because of pain and stiffness. To prevent stomach bleeding or ulcers, I’ve read it’s helpful to take it with plenty of water.


  • 4
    Beverly Bernhardt

    I found it to work really well on my siatica nerve when I could not find any thing to reduce the pain level


  • 5

    Great for headache.


  • 6
    Thomas Ratte

    I am on Warfarin Sodium (COUMADIN)3.5mg a day. Can I take White Willow Bark?


  • 7
    Ann Moore

    Can White Willow Bark be used
    for atrial fibrillation?


  • 8

    I am trying it for arthritis in my neck and knee. I can’t use ibuprofen, it upsets my stomach so I am hoping I will get some relief from white willow bark.



    I have been suffering from osteoarthritis. I have a pain and stiffness on my both knees. I have used supplements from America but pain and stiffness are increasing and these supplements didn’t help to heal my knee joint pain and stiffness. So in this case which Ayurvedic or herbal supplements should I take for my knee pain? Please answer me soon.


  • 9

    I was informed it was good for Arthritis.