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The Whole Grain Diet book is authored by Dr. Lisa Hark and Dr. Darwin Dean. The book explains the important of eating whole grains as part of a healthy diet for weight loss and other health factors. Whole grains are a rich source of fiber and tend to be lower in fat and higher in nutritional content.

There is no official website for the Whole Grain Diet Miracle, but the book is available online. With the huge influx of information in the dieting community on the dangers of eating carbohydrates, many dieters question the power of the Whole Grain Diet. According to the authors, eating any food in excess causes weight gain. The diet is evidently rooted in portion control, a difficult concept for many dieters.

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Diet book based on the power of whole grain foods.

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The Whole Grain Diet Miracle offers scientific evidence supporting eating whole grains as part of a healthy diet. The authors list whole grains as a superfood, but this is a bit of a stretch. Superfoods tend to be highly nutritious offering antioxidant support. Whole grains are not particularly rich in antioxidants.

The book includes a six-week plan for weight loss and improved health. There are 50 recipes including whole grains and a list of whole grains to choose from. Whole grains supply carbohydrates and fiber, but they lack protein and healthy fat support so the diet must integrate these food products for overall health.

Whole grains tend to be calorie-dense, making it difficult to feel full with just one serving. This is one of the reasons why dieters tend to leave carbohydrates behind in place of other food groups while dieting.

The authors of the Whole Grain Diet Miracle push whole grains for nutritional support claiming nutrients are better when consumed through food not supplements. This is a proven benefit of eating whole foods. The body absorbs vitamins and nutrients better when consumed in food.

The Whole Grain Diet sells for less than $1 on Amazon.com. The book was written in 2006. Many changes have occurred in nutrition since the book was published, including clinical support for low carbohydrate eating as a means for weight loss. The information in the book is likely outdated at this time. There are only a few reviews on Amazon.com.

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  • The book costs less than other diet books.
  • Supports consuming vitamins and nutrients from whole foods.


  • Information in the book is likely outdated.
  • Dieters with diabetes should be wary of following this diet.
  • The authors claim whole grains are more important that other food groups.


Whole grains are a healthy source of fiber, but they tend to be calorie-dense, something a dieter is not looking for in a weight loss diet. Whole grains are not thermogenic and they will not increase weight loss. While taking in vitamins and nutrients from whole food sources is healthier than supplementation, this does not mean supplements should be left out of a weight loss diet. Green tea, chromium and caffeine are clinically proven to increase metabolism and decrease hunger.

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