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Whole Health Green Tea Extract is simple and straight to the point. Green tea is backed with hundreds of clinical trials and research papers. The supplement contains EGCG and caffeine, both proven to boost weight loss. Many weight loss supplements include some green tea, but few contain the clinically proven amount. We have reviewed some supplement formulated with all the right ingredients, but lacking enough green tea. Whole Health Green Tea Extract can be used as a standalone supplement or to boost the effectiveness of another fat burner.

The official website for Whole Health lists the product label for Green Tea Extract. The price is less than a typical fat burner at $7.46 per bottle. Buying more than one bottle reduces the per-bottle price.

List of Ingredients

Green tea extract – 50%.

Product Features

Each capsule of Whole Health Green Tea Extract contains 500 mg of green tea. The suggested serving size is two capsules or 1000 mg. The capsule is vegetarian. Clinical research supports weight loss effects of using green tea with a healthy diet and exercise program. Typically, green tea is standardized for EGCG and caffeine. Both boost metabolism. The label is missing one important piece of information – how much caffeine does the green tea supply?

Caffeine is important for weight loss, but not every dieter can handle large amounts of caffeine. Others drink so much coffee or caffeine-based drinks that they need more caffeine to increase heart rate. We would like to know how much caffeine is included in the supplement to judge whether caffeine-sensitive dieters need to beware.

Whole Health lists several articles on oral health, obesity, prostate health and bone health associated with green tea.

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  • Simple green tea supplement.
  • Priced less than the average fat burner.
  • Multiple clinical studies support green tea for weight loss.
  • EGCG boosts metabolism.
  • Caffeine boosts metabolism.
  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Available for sale from the manufacturer.


  • No caffeine content listed.
  • Could cause jitters for some dieters.
  • Will not suppress appetite.


Green tea is a safe bet in a world of questionable weight loss supplements. Dieters would be hard pressed to find another ingredient with the clinical support of green tea. Whole Health Green Tea Extract includes a clinically proven amount of the supplement, but we would like to see the caffeine content listed on the label. Dieters want to boost metabolism, not feel jittery and nauseous because they took too much caffeine. The effects of caffeine last 12 hours, so dieters should not take this supplement late in the evening. To create a better-rounded supplement, chromium can be added to daily supplementation to help control hunger and cravings.

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