Whole Health Guarana Seed Extract Review

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Whole Health Guarana Seed Extract is a stimulant supplement that claims to increase energy and suppress appetite. There are several clinical studies listed at the bottom of the product description, but none of the studies support these claims. Guarana is mentioned in several of the studies, but guarana was tested with other herbal ingredients, never as a standalone ingredient or supplement. There is 800 mg of guarana in Whole Health Guarana Seed Extract standardized to 22-percent caffeine. This means the supplement is as stimulating as 176 mg of caffeine per serving. There is a bit of confusion about the effect of guarana in the body. Whole health claims guarana contains a stimulant “almost identical” to caffeine, but the product label claims the supplement is standardized for caffeine. If it is standardized for caffeine, 176 mg is a bit strong for the average dieter looking for an energy and metabolism boost.

List of Ingredients

Guarana seed extract.

Product Features

Why are none of the clinical studies listed on the Whole Health website exclusive to guarana? The reason is simple; there are no clinical studies supporting appetite suppression or increased metabolism when taking guarana. The supplement is a stimulant and it will increase heart rate and blood pressure, but the “almost identical” stimulant is not identical to caffeine. Caffeine has been thoroughly tested and clinically supported for use in weight loss. But, there are even a few problems associated with taking caffeine long-term. The body quickly gets used to high caffeine intake. After a short while, more caffeine is needed to cause the same stimulating effect. The dieter takes more caffeine to get the same feeling and soon, caffeine is NEEDED by the body for normal energy levels. If caffeine intake is ceased, the dieter will go through withdrawal symptoms. This is why many dieters and bodybuilders cycle supplements that contain caffeine or other stimulants. Cycling requires taking a supplement for eight to 12 weeks before stopping for a few weeks. After a the rest period, the supplement is resumed.

The product description mentions customer and dieter testimonials, exercise and healthy diet. None of these topics is expanded upon. There are no testimonials, no diet suggestions and no exercise programs associated with Whole Health Guarana Seed Extract.

Whole Health Guarana Seed Extract sells for $12 a bottle. One bottle contains a 90-day supply of guarana seed extract.

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  • Guarana will increase energy.
  • The product label is published on the official website.


  • Guarana is not proven to suppress appetite or increase metabolism.
  • No diet or exercise plan is included.


Whole Health Guarana Seed Extract is a stimulating supplement that has no proven benefits for dieters. Heart rate will increase and the dieter will feel a boost of energy, but metabolism is not affected.

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