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Whole Health Hoodia Gordonii Powder contains 750 mg of South African hoodia gordonii. The product description claims hoodia is a strong appetite suppressant, but clinical studies prove otherwise. Whole Health attempts to give dieters links to weight loss studies, but none of these studies pertain to hoodia gordonii. The myth behind the appetite suppressant claims South African tribesmen chewed the root of the hoodia cactus. The tribesmen felt no hunger for days while hunting. The active ingredient in Whole Health Hoodia Gordonii Powder and other hoodia products is P57.

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South African Hoodia Gordonii Powder.

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All it took was one report of someone losing tons of weight taking hoodia for the weight loss community to drive demand through the roof. But, just as quickly as the supplement controlled the market, it fell from grace. Supplement manufacturers started throwing out hoodia supplements and fat burners containing hoodia. Little did the dieter know hoodia is a protected plant in South Africa. Manufacturers must obtain a CITES certificate and import certificates in the United States before the ingredient can be imported. CITES certificates are typically given for clinical research, but there are cases where weight loss companies have managed to import the ingredient. Due to the huge demand, some products claimed to contain hoodia, but the ingredient was nowhere in the formula.

Once the medical community tested the effectiveness of hoodia, the demand for the supplement fell off sharply. Hoodia contains the active ingredient P57. In oral and injected forms, P57 is metabolized before it reaches the brain. In the brain, it is supposed to signal hunger to cease. In theory, hoodia would leave the dieter feeling no hunger at all. Research found no difference in hunger between a placebo and hoodia injections and supplements. There is no appetite suppressing benefit to hoodia. The only thing the supplement can do is give the dieter a “mental” feeling of fullness as they think hoodia is the strongest appetite suppressant on the market.

One bottle of Whole Health Hoodia Gordonii Powder sells for $25. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply if hoodia is taken only once per day. Proven appetite suppressants need to be taken several times a day to keep hunger at bay.

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  • Whole Health lists ingredients.


  • None of the research links leads to information on hoodia.
  • The supplement price is too expensive.
  • The product is proven to be ineffective.


There are plenty of proven weight loss ingredients, but hoodia gordonii is not one. Hoodia has been the topic of many clinical studies and none have shown positive weight loss results when taking the supplement. Dieters need to be cautious when taking hoodia. Many manufacturers will claim the supplement includes hoodia when there is no hoodia in the supplement at all.

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