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Noni is a superfruit packaged as an antioxidant supplement. Some weight loss supplement manufacturers want dieters to believe Noni helps cleanse the body and increase metabolism, but the fruit does not have this effect on humans or animals. Whole Health Tahitian Noni Capsules use 100-percent noni juice to create the noni supplement. The company does not claim weight loss benefits, but it does offer a list of healthy, proven benefits. Dieters need to trust a company to tell the truth when describing potential benefits of taking a supplement. Whole Health is straightforward about the fact that noni works only as an antioxidant.

List of Ingredients

Organic Noni Powder derived from noni juice.

Product Features

What is noni and why is it important for optimal health? Noni is not particularly important for good health, but antioxidants are very important. When cells take in oxygen to produce water, free radicals are formed. This is a natural process and the body is prepared to handle those free radicals with naturally occurring antioxidants. Environmental and lifestyle factors may increase the number of free radicals in the body to a level too much for the body to control. This is where a strong antioxidant like Whole Health Tahitian Noni Capsules comes in handy.

Free radicals have one thing in mind, reproduction. They take over healthy cells and turn them into reproduction factories. More free radicals form and more cells die. Antioxidants stop free radical reproduction and help the body replenish lost cells. As a result, antioxidants are often associated with fighting the signs of aging due to increased free radicals. In terms of weight loss, there is no direct connection between Whole Health Tahitian Noni Capsules and weight loss but there is a connection with metabolism.

Dieters try to increase metabolism in hopes of losing weight. When metabolism increases, cells need more water and thus take in more oxygen and more free radicals are formed. The overload of free radicals is a negative side effect of weight loss. Noni is strong enough to counteract the effect of an increased metabolism on free radical production. It is important to take antioxidants as directed. If the dieter takes too many antioxidants, all free radicals are erased. The body actually uses free radicals for vasodilation and other healthy functions.

Whole Health Tahitian Noni sells for $10 a bottle.

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  • Noni is a strong antioxidant.
  • Helps fight cellular damage from free radicals.


  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Will not increase weight loss.


Whole Health Tahitian Noni Capsules are a healthy part of any weight loss diet. The capsules help the dieter improve cellular health. When cells are healthy, the body can concentrate on weight loss.

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