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Wholy Tea, sometimes called Holy Tea, is a tea product made by Holly Miller. She claims this all-natural herbal tea blend will help promote weight loss, as well as helping to improve your overall health. If you are looking for a safe, healthy drink to use with your water intake to keep your diet from being boring, this could be the answer, but read this review to see what you think before you start using it.

List of Ingredients

Wholy Tea contains the following ingredients:

  • Persimmon leaves
  • Malva leaves
  • Holy Thistle
  • Marshmallow leaves
  • Blessed Thistle

Product Features

Wholy Tea works by providing the body with a gentle cleanse to remove toxins and waste from the body. For the cleansing effect to truly take place, however, the tea must be used on a regular basis for a continued amount of time. Permsimmon leaves are generally used for the treatment of allergies, rashes, or itchy and rough skin. They contain a good source of antioxidants, including vitamins A and C. It works as an antihistamine. Studies have also shown that in animals that eat a high fat diet, these leaves can help suppress weight gain. Malva leaves are generally used to soften the skin, produce gentle bowel movements, and help nursing mothers increase their blood flow. It also works as a diuretic to remove excess water from the body. Holy Thistle is generally used for blood purification, support of the liver and gallbladder, and treatment of stomach and digestive conditions. It also has properties that will help strengthen the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. Marshmallow leaves are typically used to provide relief for various conditions including heartburn and sore throat. They are also good for the treatment of stomach conditions and for bowel stimulation. They may also help combat infection and boost the immune system. Blessed Thistle is thought to help with stomach and digestive conditions such as heartburn and indigestion. It may also have some cancer fighting and killing properties; as well as the ability to treat infection and fever.

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  • Wholy Tea contains all natural ingredients.


  • Wholy Tea contains a lot of ingredients to help move your bowels so you may need to remain close to a restroom at all times.
  • The diueretic in the tea may cause dehydration by removing too much water from the body.
  • There are no fat burners or appetite suppressants in this tea.
  • There are no dietary or exercise recommendations.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.


Wholy Tea seems like it could be a good option, but overall it, it looks like it may also do more harm than good. If you drink too much of the tea too often, you could make yourself sick with dehydration and frequent bowel movements. Instead of something like this, we recommend a balanced diet, regular exercise, and the use of a safe and effective appetite suppressant or fat burner.

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