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Many weight loss products now contain Green Tea Extract, as tea is said to have a number of properties that benefit weight loss. The health benefits of tea have, of course, been enjoyed by those living in China and India for thousands of years. Tea is high in polyphenols which have a number of health benefits, and it is due to this compound that tea has the reputation of being a healthy drink. Yet,Wi Yu tea is said by those marketing and selling it, to be even more effective than green tea in helping out with weight loss. The difference between Wi Yu tea and black and green tea is that Wi Yu tea is partially fermented. The tealeaves are dried in the sunlight and allowed to partially oxidize until they redden. This process, according to those marketing it, means that Wi Yu tea speeds up your metabolism, ultimately resulting in faster fat burning for the drinker.

List of Ingredients

The sole ingredient is tea.

Product Features

Wi Yu tea is known also as Oolong tea. There are now a large number of online stores from which you can buy this tea. A number of those selling it claim that it has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, which of course has sparked a lot of interest in this tea and lead to an increase in sales. Wi Yu tea can be bought on line for prices ranging from $20 to $25 for ten ounces of loose Wi Yu tea. Wi Yu tea is also sold under another brand name, Wu Long tea. So, in fact, if you choose to buy something called Oolong tea, Wi Yu tea or Wu long tea, they are in fact the same type of tea as they have all been allowed to partially oxidize. In fact the amount of time that the leaves are left to oxidize is less than for black tea, but more than for green tea.

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  • Wi Yu tea is relatively inexpensive to purchase.
  • The health benefits of tea have been known for thousands of centuries.
  • Wi Yu tea is available to purchase on line.


  • Wi Yu tea is not endorsed by the Food and Drugs Administration.
  • Those who have stomach ulcers or other problems should not drink Wi Yu tea.
  • There is no clinical proof offered that Wi Yu tea is more effective than other weight loss methods.
  • If you drink too much tea it can reduce the amount of Vitamin B1 in your body.


The health benefits of drinking tea are undisputed. So, drinking one or two cups of Wi Yu tea a day is unlikely to do you any harm, and will probably do you some good. However, there is no actual proof that drinking Wi Yu tea is more effective than other weight loss programmes or products in procuring weight loss. It can’t hurt to have a cup or two a day, especially if you like tea, but we would probably buy an additional diet supplement to see serious weight loss.

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    zahid abro

    i was using your product wi yu tea and and i have membership with you but from last 4 months i didnt use it so can you tell me how do i get this product again ? do u have any contact no on that i could call you ?