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The Wii Fit Plus is a game sold by Nintendo for use with the Wii gaming console. This version of the game is based on the original Wii Fit. The game uses the Wii Fit Board for yoga, weigh-ins and other fitness exercises. Progress is saved on the Wii gaming console. New additions in the Wii Fit Plus edition of the game include My Wii Fit Plus, Training Plus and Calories Burned. The official website for Wii Fit Plus offers a suggested retail price and online ordering. The game can be purchased at most retail outlets that sell video games. The price online is $19.99, but the dieter will need to spend another $100 if they do not have a Wii Fit Board.

List of Ingredients

Fitness game from the makers of the Wii gaming console.

Product Features

The Wii is the first video gaming system to combine physical movement with game interaction. The Playstation and Xbox companies soon followed with interactive games and systems, but Wii started the gaming fitness craze. Wii is known for being family friendly and easy to use, but not all fitness games have earned rave reviews. Player / game interaction is lacking in some games.

The Wii Fit Plus game is the second edition of the original Wii Fit game. The new version adds personalization and interactive features to an already popular game. Dieters can perform cardio, strength training and fitness exercises with the help of an on-screen personal trainer. There are no extra costs associated with the game so the upfront cost is minimal compared to other fitness programs.

If a dieter is interested in purchasing the entire Wii console, Wii Fit Board and Wii Fit Plus game in one package, the total cost would exceed $300, but that is a small price compared to some fitness equipment and gym membership costs and it is a one-time fee.

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  • Allows dieters to workout in the home.
  • Fun games make for fun workouts.
  • The cost of the game is lower than some workout DVDs.


  • Requires a Wii gaming console and Wii Fit Board.
  • May be difficult to workout in small spaces.


The Wii Fit Plus game is an updated version of the original Wii Fit game. The new game allows users to create personalized workouts, but the same problems exist with the Wii bar recognizing movement in low light and small spaces. The game does not discuss healthy eating habits for weight loss so dieters will need to research diet and calorie restrictions in addition to working out with the Wii Fit Plus game. The calorie counter on the game may not be accurate for all users.

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