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There are various approaches to losing weight and getting into shape. Naturally it is important to investigate more than one avenue before getting started. Let us take a closer look at Winstrol. If you are not at all familiar with this product, it is essentially a form of steroid that was originally created to aid men and women with health conditions like angiodema.

Since Winstrol is a steroid, and not a common dietary supplement, some people will likely have reservations about this product. Especially since the more effective version of Winstrol is injected into a vein. When it comes down to it, this formula aids with both muscle building and fat loss. However, it can certainly lead to serious side effects like liver problems, facial swelling, edema, facial hair growth in women, and even infections.

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Winstrol is a steroid that can be obtained in both pill form that is taken orally and liquid form that is injected directly into the body. Also known as Stanozolol, this substance is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. Winstrol was actually developed back in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories. However, it was not created for weight lifters and athletes at that point, but rather was a drug geared toward individuals suffering from afflictions like anemia. Once it was discovered that Winstrol assisted people with gaining significant muscle mass, an entirely new market was born. Put simply, the injected form of this steroid is more effective that the pill form, and it can significantly increase muscle mass, strength and endurance. Furthermore, Winstrol is claimed to aid with accelerated fat reduction. In other words, bodybuilders and athletes can get ripped more easily when taking Winstrol injections. Although there is a website called that sells a formula entitled Winstrol V, this version is stated to be used for veterinary purposes.

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  • Winstrol may assist users with gaining a significant amount of muscle mass.
  • This product may aid with fat reduction.


  • Winstrol is a steroid, which will likely deter many men and women.
  • There are a number of side effects that pertain to this steroid.
  • It is common for individuals who take Winstrol injections to get an infection at the injection site.
  • Some users will have allergic reactions to this product.
  • Many websites discuss why this product is bad, and should be avoided.


All in all, it is imperative to keep in mind that Winstrol is an actual steroid. As you likely already know, steroids are typically just used for medical conditions/purposes. At least this is what is recommended by physicians. Even though Winstrol may assist with muscle building and fat reduction to some degree, it is important to consider the side effects and major drawbacks of using this product.

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    Mr W

    Can you gain weight using Stanazol and clenbuteral together?


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    I have good shape with six packs but i have fat somewhere so does wintrol help to remove the extra fat..?



    Does winstrol come in a green Square pill and what milligram is it if it does And there’s a good one to use


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    As a newbie to steroids where is the best place to inject .is it safe inject muscle which has been used for injecting Sustanon 250 been told I can’t inject same sites to with one being oil based and the other water .your thoughts please


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    Can you take the injection oraly….not by actually injecting the inside of ur mouth but. By swollowing it


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    Its easy to tell. winstrol comes in either pink blue or orange. Al should have graph number and milli number. your welcome


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    Nick Farrand

    Do you offer a free sample of winstrol?


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