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What You Should Know

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Wipeout Fat Burner by Champion Nutrition is a four stage fat burning supplement. Before we get to the four stages of weight loss support, it’s important to note the supplement also enhances mood. This is usually achieved with mood altering ingredients that have no effect on weight loss. Mood altering ingredients work differently in everyone and can be harmful to those with mental conditions like anxiety, panic and depression.

The website for Wipeout Fat Burner is minimalistic providing only the basic information on the supplement. There are no clinical references or claims that the ingredients are clinically proven, though the ingredient list contains at least three ingredients with support from the scientific community.

List of Ingredients

Thermogenesis Stack: ThermaSine – Lysine L-Carnitine Fumarate, Citrus Aurantium, Theobromine HCL, Cayenne, 7-KETO and DHEA.

ECA Stack: Caffeine, Green Tea and White Willow Bark.

Mood and Focus Support: DMAE.

Product Features

Thermogenesis or heated metabolizing of fat often means caffeine or stimulant. The Thermo Stack for Wipeout Fat Burner includes Lysine L-Carnitine Fumarate another name for L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine supplementation is only needed by people who may be deficient in protein and deficiencies are quite rare. Citrus Aurantium or Synephrine is Ephedra’s cousin. It stimulates the heart to beat faster resulting in the fat burning effect claimed by Wipeout Fat Burner. Theobromine CL is a caffeine derivative that offers the same effects on the body as caffeine. Cayenne works to increase metabolism and is clinically proven to increase fat burn.

Moving onto the ECA Stack, Wipeout Fat Burner claims ECA, but there is no Ephedra to represent the E. Typically, Synephrine is used to replace Ephedra, but the ingredients listed are caffeine, green tea and white willow bark. The caffeine and white willow bark represent the C and A in ECA, but green tea is not even close to Ephedra.

Green tea is a positive ingredient in this supplement however because lengthy studies have been completed on the tea resulting in weight loss benefits. There are no links to studies supporting the ingredient. Returning to the four stage process, Wipeout Fat Burner explains each of the stages. Stage one is caffeine and white willow for fat release. Stage two is Theobromine and Synephrine which transforms fats into fatty acids for movement into muscle cells. Stage three is Carnitine to move the fat into the burn center of a cell. Stage four Fumarate helping the body metabolize fatty acids.

Wipeout Fat Burner sells for $44.96 for 120 capsules, a 30-day supply.

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  • A couple ingredients are proven to be effective for weight loss.
  • The price is similar to other products with the same ingredients.


  • Wipeout Fat Burner is more stimulant or energy pill than weight loss supplement.
  • There is no reference to clinical trials or studies supporting claims.


If a dieter wants a weight loss supplement to increase energy, Wipeout Fat Burner may achieve that but weight loss will not be a side effect from proven ingredients only increased heart rate.

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