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There are a number of approaches to weight reduction with supplement formulas. While some companies focus on powder mixes, others offer capsule formulas. Furthermore, there are brands that provide anything from bars, to liquid shots, to tablets, to herbal teas. In fact, Wisdom Natural Brands is one company that offers a few different tea blends that incorporate the key ingredient, Yerba Mate. Two of them are YerbaMate Vanilla Wisdom Tea and YerbaMate Chai Spice Tea. Both contain the popular sweetener, Stevia.

As far as Wisdom Natural Brands teas go, these herbal blends are supposed to do anything from curb hunger, to heighten energy levels, to improve concentration, to calm your nerves. Other than Yerba Mate, these teas offer ingredients like Vitamin A, Carotene, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, Calcium, Vitamin E, and Iron. While some men and women consume these teas for weight reduction, others use them for stress relief and increased energy. Wisdom Natural Brands teas sell for around $5 (20 bags) on sites like vitanetonline.com. No consumer reviews are posted.

List of Ingredients

There are no full ingredient lists provided on the official website.

Product Features

Wisdom Natural Brands is a company that has been around for the past 25 years. This brand name is the parent company of two product lines, which are Wisdom of the Ancients, as well as SweetLeaf Sweetener. As you may know, SweetLeaf Sweetener is made from stevia plants (this brand is the leading U.S. manufacturer of stevia). It is used by many people all over the world at this point. As for Wisdom of the Ancients, this is a line of teas. The founder of Wisdom Natural Brands is one James May. While the SweetLeaf Sweetener products are available in liquid, powder, tablet, and concentrate forms, the herbal teas are Yerba Mate blends. This includes both Yerba Mate Plain Teas and Yerba Mate Royal Teas.

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  • Wisdom Natural Brands Yerba Mate teas may increase the user’s energy levels.
  • These tea products may improve mental clarity in some users.


  • There are no guarantees pertaining to weight loss with Wisdom Natural Brands products.
  • No full ingredient lists are presented on the main website.
  • These tea blends do not aim to heighten thermo genesis.
  • It does not look like any Wisdom Natural Brands products are available through the website.


If you are searching for an herbal tea that may aid with stress relief and improved energy levels, Wisdom Natural Brands teas might do the trick. However, as far as weight loss is concerned, there are no major ingredients found in these teas to really promote fat burning or boost thermo genesis. Even though websites that sell these teas say that they may suppress appetite, there is really no clinical proof supporting this.

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    Rhonda Bolze

    How can widom od natural brands say on their lable that the yerba mate tea is organic without listing ingredients?