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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Withings WiFi Body Scale tracks weight, fat mass and BMI. With an integrated Internet connection, the scale then transfers this information to a program that can be accessed from a mobile phone or personal computer. Over time, the results build a weight loss curve that dieters can use to track progress and patterns. While this information is important, a simple calendar provides the same support. The cost of Withings WiFi Body Scale is about $159 from the official website. This is much higher than other body scales due to the WiFi integration.

List of Ingredients

WiFi-enabled body scale that tracks performance.

Product Features

There are four features of the Withings WiFi Body Scale – body measurement, transfer of statistics via WiFi, graphs and tracking. If a dieter is following a long-term weight loss program and want to track progress over time, the Withings WiFi Body Scale could be a valuable tool. The price of the scale is the only thing that would hold back a dieter. The average high-end body scale costs less than $100. This scale retails for more than $150.

There is no subscription fees associated with access to the Withings WiFi Body Scale website, but the dieter needs to have Internet access and a secure WiFi connection to transmit data. The scale records progress for up to 8 users and each user can access information with a password if they wish to keep measurements private. Measurements can be transmitted to Twitter and accessed via a free iPhone application.

There are no diet or exercise guidelines associated with the Withings WiFi Body Scale. Dieters must exercise and eat right to lose weight.

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  • Measures progress for up to 8 users.
  • No recurring subscription fee associated with the online account.
  • Mobile application allows access from anywhere.
  • The price of the scale includes everything.
  • Allows a dieter to track progress.


  • Too expensive for some dieters.
  • Families with more than 8 people cannot use the scale for everyone.
  • The mobile application is only for iPhone.
  • Will not increase weight loss or decrease fat mass.
  • No diet and exercise guidelines included.


The Withings WiFi Body Scale is a good investment for the dieter who wants to track progress over time. Patterns in weight loss can be used to determine future weight loss expectation and recognize effects of exercise and eating habits on weight loss. The only drawbacks are the price and lack of diet and exercise support. Dieters can measure weight regularly, but if diet and exercise programs are not followed the measurements are useless. Not all homes have a secure WiFi connection, which could pose a problem.

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