Women’s Health The Wedding Workout Review

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Women’s Health is a popular magazine aimed at providing healthy information for women, including tips on diet and weight loss. The Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout is a fitness DVD produced by the makers of the popular magazine. The DVD sells for less than $14 on Amazon.com. It has earned quite a few positive reviews, but reviews may be given by people who are already physically fit and simply want to tone and get in optimal shape before the wedding. In order for a fitness DVD to work for the average dieter, it would need to include information on dieting, including meal plans, portion control and calorie control. The product description for Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout lists no information about the workout other than the fact that it lasts 52 minutes and was released in 2006.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVD from Women’s Health Magazine.

Product Features

There are six programs included on the Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout DVD. The programs include warm-up, cool-down, cardio, upper strength, lower strength and core muscles. The main menu allows the viewer to choose which segments they want to complete and in what order the segments should be completed. The dieter can essentially program the DVD to run one segment more than one time or different segments in the desired order. Creating a personalized workout is important to keep fitness fun and exciting. If the dieter feels they have to follow the same workout weeks on end, they will soon grow tired and not workout.

The workout is not what a fitness buff would call “hard core”, but it may be a bit too intense for a bigger. The dieter just starting out in fitness should attempt only moves they are comfortable with and walk in place during exercises that appear to be too difficult. Over time fitness level will improve and the dieter may be able to work up to completing the entire workout, but this takes time and patience.

There is no diet included in the Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout. The dieter needs to eat right and reduce calorie intake to lose weight. No amount of exercise will counteract the effects of eating poorly with high-calorie foods.

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  • Allows the follower to choose segments and create a personalized fitness plan.
  • Cost is comparable to other workout DVDs.
  • Dieters can start slow with the warm-up and cool-down and add segments later.
  • Available for sale online.


  • There is no official website for the Women’s Health: The Wedding Day workout.
  • Dieters must research and follow a diet plan to lose weight for the wedding.
  • Focused on women, though men may lose weight and get fit following the workout.


Pinpointing a small sector of the population like women is a good way to market a workout, but it narrows down the number of dieters interested in the workout plan. Many wedding workouts focus on the parts of the body that show in the wedding dress, specifically the upper body. This program is a total body workout, which may not be the ideal plan for a woman trying to tone muscles a few weeks before her big day. Though the price is right, the follower needs to choose a diet to lose weight.

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