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Women’s Health magazine is a publication tailored to the fitness, health and personal issues of women. The publication regularly advertises diets, exercise regimes and weight loss solutions. Women’s Health Fit Coach is sponsored by the magazine. There is an official website for the program that offers a 30-day trial. When the trial ends, the dieter is required to pay a fee to maintain access. The cost of Women’s Health Fit Coach is $11.65 per month (3-month subscription) or $14.95 per month on a month-to-month basis.

List of Ingredients

Online fee-based fitness and diet coaching from Women’s Health magazine.

Product Features

Women who want to lose weight and stay connected online have a variety of options. Many of these options are free. Women’s Health Fit Coach is a for-pay website that offers fitness, diet and goal setting. The program is designed for women who want to work weight loss and fitness programs around personal schedules.

There are four meal plans available from Women’s Health Fit Coach – Look Better Naked Diet, Hunger Buster, Mood Lifter and Body in Balance. Women choose form one of these diets based on personal weight loss and health goals. After choosing a base diet, women tailor the menus to personal taste.

Cooking whole foods is supported on all diet plans. There are prepackaged options for some plans, but whole foods are generally more nutritious than prepackaged meals.

Fitness plans are available from intensity level 2 to 9. Women can also choose to create a workout plan with online fitness exercises and tailor intensity as needed. Some fitness programs may require the dieter to purchase home fitness equipment.

Dieters gain motivation through online weight, food and exercise tracking. Articles and motivational emails are included with the program.

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  • Provides diet, exercise and motivation.
  • Sponsored by a trusted health magazine.
  • Allows food and exercise tracking.


  • Costs more than most home diets.
  • Requires Internet access.
  • Foods must be logged every day.
  • Does not mention supplements or appetite control.
  • Too many choices can be confusing for dieters.


Women’s Health Fit Coach is a pay-based website supporting healthy weight loss through diet and exercise. The program costs more than most online programs. There are free programs from websites like Sparkpeople.com that offer the same support at no cost. Dieters are given a long list of diet and fitness programs to choose from. While dieters can choose and then change their mind later, there are no details about the plans available before the dieter signs up for the free trial. If the dieter chooses to discontinue the program before the 30-day trial is complete, they will not be charged a monthly fee.

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