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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Losing weight is a personal journey that requires a diet and fitness program. With thousands of diets available, it can be hard to choose the right program. Women’s Health magazine offers diet and exercise tips and insight for women. The magazine is available for purchase in most retail stores that carry magazines. There is also a yearly subscription for just 99 cents an issue. Each month, Women’s Health magazine describes a new diet plan for weight loss. This could be confusing for the dieter who wants to follow one plan and receive regular support for that plan. Women’s Health magazine also offers Women’s Health Fit Coach and The Women’s Health Diet.

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Monthly publication on women’s health.

Product Features

The cover of Women’s Health magazine typically features weight loss or fitness. The official website offers many of the same articles and publications, but not all articles published in the magazine are available online and vice versa. Articles in Women’s Health cover everything from new health innovations to recipe ideas for a summer cookout. Fun pieces are thrown in for pleasurable reading.

Dieters looking for fitness and weight loss support will not go away unhappy, but the magazine is laden with advertisements and paid ads. This can be confusing and costly if the dieter chooses to order products supported by Women’s Health magazine. Women’s Health Fit Coach and the Women’s Health Diet are both sponsored by the magazine. Both require an additional fee.

We found no detailed information on a specific diet or exercise program supported by Women’s Health. We did find articles about weight loss and fitness on the official website that a dieter could use to tailor diet and fitness regimes. This information is free and requires no magazine subscription.

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  • Free fitness articles.
  • Free diet tips.
  • Costs only 99 cents an issue.
  • Supports healthy eating and weight loss.


  • The magazine is laden with advertisements.
  • Sponsored weight loss and fitness programs require an additional purchase.
  • Some exercise programs may be difficult for a beginner.


Women’s Health magazine is tailored to women. This reduces the demographic of dieters that can access the magazine for diet, weight loss and fitness information. Much of the magazine is reserved for ads and promotions that cost money. The dieter must pay an additional fee to learn more about the Women’s Health Diet and the Women’s Health Fit Coach programs. We did not find the Women’s Health Diet on the Fit Coach website. The publication is inexpensive and full of articles on other aspects of women’s health, which could be helpful and enjoyable to read.

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