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There is unfortunately no official website available for the weight loss product Wonderzyme. There are ingredient details available for this product, but other than that, detailed information about this product is sparse. A number of the main active ingredients in Wonderzyme are in fact enzymes. Wonderzyme is not the only weight loss product on the market that contains enzymes, even though this approach is still relatively new and experimental.


The ingredients contained in Wonderzyme consist of: Bromelain, Pancreatin GX, Lipase, and Papain.

Product Features

Wonderzyme can be purchased from online shops at a price of $34.95 for one hundred tablets. Lipase, which is contained in Wonderzyme, is an enzyme that is normally produced in the pancreas and which is required to break down fats and lipids. Pancreatic GX is a preparation of pancreatic enzymes. Evidently, as a result of the inclusion of Pancreatic GX and Lipase in this product, anyone who is suffering from diabetes or has any kind of pancreatic disorder should first seek their doctor’s advice before taking Wonderzyme.

Bromelain, which is present in Wonderzyme, is derived from pineapple and is said to aid with digestion and also to have anti-inflammatory properties. Papain, which comes from Green Papaya and is also present in Wonderzyme, has a smoothing effect on the digestion. Wonderzyme is not the only weight loss product on the market to contain these ingredients. We are not told however what distinguishes Wonderzyme from other similar products on the market. There does not seem to be a money back guarantee, nor does there seem to be a free trial period. Many of the ingredients in Wonderzyme are known for the soothing qualities they have on the digestive system. This product may help you more if you have digestive problems, but not necessarily if you want to lose weight.

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  • There is a comprehensive ingredients list for Wonderzyme.
  • It can be purchased from online shops.
  • It does not contain Ephedrine.


  • There is a lack of detailed product information available regarding Wonderzyme.
  • There is no official website for Wonderzyme.
  • Wonderzyme is definitely not suitable for users already suffering from diabete.
  • A number of other weight loss products on the market contain Bromelain, Papain and Lipase.


Product information regarding Wonderzyme is very sparse, and we do not even know who the manufacturers of this product are. The ingredients in Wonderzyme are ingredients that can be found in a whole host of other weight loss products on the market. Those selling Wonderzyme online do not give us any valid reasons as to why we should choose this product over and above other similar products that also contain digestive enzymes. As things stand we would probably wait and see how the market responds before committing to an experimental new technology like the enzymes used to promote weight loss in Wonderzyme.

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