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Work Out with Jackie Warner is a Bravo television show about personal trainers Jackie Warner and Rebecca Cardon. The show combined fitness, dieting, mental trials associated with weight loss and love. As a reality television show, some dieters may find the important information about dieting, fitness and weight loss is hidden by personal struggles, gossip and other personal life issues. Behind the Work Out with Jackie Warner television show is a dedicated, hard working trainer with many years of success under her belt. Jackie stars on multiple television shows, runs a fitness camp, operates an official website and sells workout DVDs.

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Fitness and weight loss reality show with Jackie Warner.

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Work Out with Jackie Warner is all about helping people achieve the best body and mental attitude about life possible. At the heart of the show are two personal trainers, Jackie Warner and Rebecca Cardon. While the show was supposed to focus on fitness and weight loss, much of the action on the show centered on the love choices and tumultuous relationships of the star Jackie Warner. This can be highly distracting to the dieter.

The remaining portion of the show is dedicated to SkyLab. SkyLab is the fitness and personal training business owned and operated by Jackie Warner. While she trains clients in the gym from time to time, most of the clients are trained by other, secondary trainers. There are weigh-ins and daily or weekly workout sessions, depending on the needs of the client. Gaining access to SkyLab training is expensive.

Work Out with Jackie Warner no longer appears to be in production for Bravo. Jackie Warner is the host of the new television series Thintervention. Thintervention is another reality television show, but this time there is a Biggest Loser twist.

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  • Work Out with Jackie Warner offers fitness advice for dieters.
  • Celebrities trust Jackie Warner as a personal trainer.
  • The show is free to watch on Bravo.


  • The show is no longer in production.
  • There were more episodes about love than fitness.
  • The clients are rarely trained by Jackie Warner.
  • The SkyLab program shown on Work Out with Jackie Warner is expensive.
  • Workouts may be too difficult for some dieters.
  • None of the shows offers a complete workout.


Work Out with Jackie Warner was a soap opera with workouts. The main star dated multiple women on the show and many of the relationships were filmed via dates and intimacy. The program showed few workouts or diet tips, which means the dieter learned little about how to lose weight and keep it off. The program has since been cancelled, but Jackie Warner can now be found in Thintervention on Bravo.

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