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WorkoutBOX by Travis Steffen is an online workout program for people who want to lose weight and get fit. The program costs $1.50 a week and lists tons of workout programs, including fat burning, toning, muscle building and part specific workouts. Part specific workouts include arms, legs and abs. There is a strong focus on fitness, though there is a section dedicated to nutrition. The nutrition program suggests the dieter eat 50- to 60-percent carbohydrates, 25-percent protein and 15- to 20-percent fat. This may seem simple, but the dieter would need a total caloric intake to figure out how many calories should come from each section. This can be time consuming and difficult to maintain as each meal would need to be broken down and accounted for based on the suggested percentages.

List of Ingredients

Online workout and nutrition program for weight loss and fitness.

Product Features

The diet basics for the WorkoutBOX follow the main tip – eat less and move more. This is the common suggestion from every weight loss professional, but the words are easier to say than eating is to control. Dieters have trouble with portion control, hunger, cravings, emotional eating and weight loss plateaus. These are not addressed in the WorkoutBOX program. There is a FAQs section on nutrition with about 10 questions tailored to nutrition. There are also FAQs questions on exercise and training programs.

The WorkoutBOX program includes videos and online advice for fitness training. There is really nothing different or exciting about the website. It includes the basic features of any fitness website, including a forum and training logs. The same features are available on other free fitness websites. Some free websites include complete meal plans, detailed nutritional information, advice from doctors and nutrition professionals and more. WorkoutBOX falls a bit short on the features topic.

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  • The program costs only $1.50 a week.
  • Dieters are given some nutritional information.
  • There are many fitness programs to choose from.
  • Dieters gain access to a support forum.


  • WorkoutBOX costs more than free fitness websites.
  • The features available on the site are not up to par with other sites.
  • Nutritional is given only a brief passing.


Dieters wanting to lose weight may want to choose a different website than WorkoutBOX. Travis Steffen has more than 7,000 likes on Facebook, but that does not reflect the quality of the program. Fitness is important to weight loss, but the diet portion of the website leaves the dieter with a confusing list of percentages and no real information on food choice, portion control and controlling hunger. Other free websites offer comprehensive information on dieting that surpasses any of the information on WorkoutBOX.

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