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It is easy to get confused by the high volume of nutritional supplement brands available nowadays. Especially since more and more of them are constantly emerging. Amongst these companies is World Nutrition Inc. This brand works to create dietary supplements that assist with common health concerns such as free radical damage, heart problems, and high blood sugar levels.

As with many other supplements on the market, World Nutrition products do not require a prescription. However, just to be clear, these formulas are not geared toward men and women striving to shed excess body fat. In fact, World Nutrition supplements have more to do with maintaining your health than anything else. A full list of ingredients for the Dr. Wang’s Ketsumeisei formula is found below. As you can see, it is primarily a blend of natural herbal components.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary blend of ingredients (including Sickle-pod Senna, Chinese Wildyam, Safflower, Astragalus Root, Cape Jasmine Fruit, Kudzu Vine Root, Chinese Licorice and Chinese Ginseng).

Product Features

World Nutrition Inc. is a company that develops nutritional supplements. According to the primary website, these products are infused with high quality ingredients, and are proven to assist the user with improving his/her health. There are basically four different products offered in the World Nutrition lineup, which are Dr.Wang’s Ketsumeisei, Vitalzym, WNI Stabilized Oxygen, and Nattovita. To give you a better idea of what each of these formulas endeavors to accomplish, here is the rundown; Dr.Wang’s Ketsumeisei aims to regulate the user’s blood sugar levels, Vitalzym is stated to normalize the body and promote internal cleansing, WNI Stabilized Oxygen helps to regulate blood cell growth and stabilize oxygen levels in the user’s body, while Nattovita supports cardiovascular health. Each of the World Nutrition brand supplements can be acquired through the official website once you have set up an account with a login name and password. You can also order by using the toll-free number provided.

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  • There are ingredients lists that pertain to each World Nutrition product presented on the main website.
  • These supplement formulas may encourage some health benefits.


  • None of the World Nutrition products are geared toward weight reduction.
  • There does not appear to be any sort of guarantee provided on the official website.
  • According to main website, none of these supplements are approved by the FDA.
  • Unfortunately some users may experience some negative reactions to certain ingredients in World Nutrition products.


It is important to recognize what each dietary supplement is used for. Naturally this can be challenging with so many to choose from at this point. In regards to World Nutrition products, these formulas are essentially for health maintenance more than anything else. They are not specified for individuals who are struggling to lose unwanted body fat. However, there are plenty of other products on the market that are suited for this goal.

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