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One thing that many women and men enjoy these days is the vast array of dietary supplements available without a prescription. You can literally find them all over the Internet, as well as in numerous drugstores and nutrition shops across America. Furthermore, these supplement formulas are claimed to assist with all sorts of health issues. Well, one brand amongst the many is World Organics. Although you may have never encountered this line of supplements in local stores, you can certainly find them online.

Just so you understand, World Organics does not offer weight loss products, such as capsule formulations that suppress hunger, burn off calories, and reduce body fat. On the other hand, they do specialize in natural formulations that may be able to help some individuals with certain health conditions. Some of these products are Liqui-Vite Adult Multiple, Liquid Potassium Iodine, Ferro-Tone Liquid Iron Plus Herbs, Combo Pepsin, and Kelp Iodine Supplement Liquid.

List of Ingredients

Full ingredient lists are not disclosed on the main website.

Product Features

World Organics is a company that dates back to 1969. Also known as World Organic, this brand of unique formulations was started by both Al Licata and his brother, Vince Licata. Unlike many other herbal supplement companies out there, this one focuses on Chlorophyll, as well as other similar green foods. While some World Organic formulas are in liquid form, others come as capsules to be taken orally. One factor that makes this company unique is that they create custom formulations for individuals upon request. According to the official website, World Organics is a “premier supplier” of chlorophyll products in the health supplement and food industry. A couple of their more well-known products are Liquid Vitamin C and SeaFOOD with Coral Calcium. It does not appear that any World Organics products are meant to aid with weight loss. However, products like Chlorophyll (60 mg) are stated to assist with tissue repair, liver support, and blood purification (100 capsules is $7.43).

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  • All World Organics supplements are available online with no prescription required.
  • Unlike some supplements on the market, these health products are made with very few ingredients.


  • There are no money-back guarantees offered from World Organics.
  • There are no free trial samples of these health supplements provided.
  • World Organic products do not endeavor to assist with weight reduction.
  • There are very few reviews posted on the main website for these supplements.


Overall, World Organics is definitely a unique company that offers a decent selection of herbal formulations for various health concerns. Then again, if you are searching high and low for an effective weight loss formula, you will need to look elsewhere. Especially since this brand does not appear to offer any supplements geared toward fat reduction or calorie-burning.

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    mary moore

    I am wondering if the liquid chlorophyll is made from farmed organic plants? Thanks for your time. Mary M