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There are plenty of key ingredients used in dietary supplements and weight loss pills nowadays. Especially the products you purchase over-the-counter. Some of the ingredients you might be familiar with are Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana Seed Extract, Yerba Mate, Yohimbe, African Mango Fruit, Hoodia Gordonii Extract, and Flaxseed. In some manner or another, these ingredients are supposed to help you shed unwanted pounds of body fat. However, some ingredients are certainly more effective than others. We created this review to take a closer look at Wormwood Herb, which is one ingredient used in some diet products on the market today.


  • Wormwood Herb

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Wormwood Herb is a natural substance that is sometimes used for upset stomach, treating liver disease, reducing fever, and calming intestinal spasms. It has also been used topically to treat irritations and insect bites. However, this herbal ingredient can cause some side effects, such as seizures, kidney failure, sleeplessness, dizziness, nightmares, tremors, and abdominal cramps. But, these side effects generally occur when too much Wormwood Herb is taken over a period of time.

As for weight loss, there is no significant proof that Wormwood Herb actually causes weight reduction. While this natural ingredient may help flush toxins and impurities out of your body, it does not specifically burn off fat, nor does it suppress appetite. On the other hand, Wormwood Herb may help alleviate gas, and has also been used to eliminate parasites from the intestinal tract. Nonetheless, Wormwood Herb is used in a number of dietary supplements and products for internal cleansing. These can be found online, as well as in some local stores.

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  • This is a natural ingredient that may assist with digestive tract issues.
  • Wormwood Herb may help flush out parasites.


  • There is no clinical proof that Wormwood Herb encourages fat loss.
  • This herb may lead to side effects when used incorrectly.
  • This natural ingredient does not suppress hunger or boost metabolic rates.
  • There are more significant weight loss ingredients used today.
  • Some people may experience allergic reactions to Wormwood Herb.


When it comes to weight management and fat loss, there are several factors to consider. First of all, you should take into consideration your diet, and how many calories you are consuming daily. Secondly, you should be sure to exercise regularly in order to increase your metabolism and overall health. Then there are dietary supplements that aid with weight loss. Naturally you need to choose a product that contains proven key ingredients. Unfortunately Wormwood Herb is not a proven ingredient for weight reduction. This is why we do not recommend a diet product that specifically contains Wormwood Herb.

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