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As you may have noticed, there are different approaches to losing weight and getting the body you have always wanted. While a healthy diet and regular exercise are certain to yield results, some people prefer a dietary supplement as well, which can improve weight loss results. However, there are many new-age devices and treatments that are also claimed to slim you down. In this piece we will look at one in particular, which is Wrap Factor by BodyBoutique. This approach to a slimmer body does involve wrapping up in cloths. You may have seen similar treatments in day spas.


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Product Features

Wrap Factor by BodyBoutique will cost you about $72. What you receive is two bandages, four clay sachets, a measuring tape, an instruction booklet, and some skin-firming cream. This procedure is claimed to draw toxins from your tissue, encourage a slimmer physique, and pull moisture out of the body to reduce water weight. You begin by soaking the bandages in hot water, as well as the clay sachets. Use the clay and the bandages to wrap a particular part of your body, such as the thighs, tummy, or arms. Leave this on for an hour or so, and then remove. Now it is time to apply the cream.

You should notice one or two inches lost from where you applied Wrap Factor by BodyBoutique. It is also normal to sweat when using this product. Some toning and firming may also be evident immediately after using this wrap. It is difficult to state how long this product will last, since it actually depends on how much of it you use with each application. There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee provided with this product.

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  • Some people might enjoy that this product works like a spa treatment.
  • Wrap Factor by BodyBoutique may help draw toxins out of the skin.


  • This body wrap treatment is only a quick fix for weight loss and slimming.
  • The cost of this weight loss product is high at $72.
  • Wrap Factor by BodyBoutique does not assist with actual fat burning.
  • The results from this type of treatment are only temporary.
  • This body wrap may cause dehydration, since it draws out moisture.


If you are looking for a quick fix to help you slim down slightly, then Wrap Factor by BodyBoutique might be of use to you. Just keep in mind that the results from this product are only temporary. You should also consider the hassles that go along with using this type of slimming therapy. Lastly, when you apply Wrap Factor by BodyBoutique to the entire body, the clay is unlikely to last long.

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