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As you may have already noticed, there are quite a few weight loss tea formulas gracing the market at this point. It is no big secret that some herbal tea brands have been linked to weight reduction. Well, if you have heard of Oolong Tea, then you probably know what Wu-Long Tea is also. They are virtually the same thing. Wu-Long Tea is an all natural tea that is claimed to assist users with weight loss by heightening their metabolic rates and boosting energy levels.

According to the main website, Wu-Long Tea is one of the world’s strongest fat burners. Users can see the pounds of fat melt off in only 30 days. Moreover, this tea is stated to reverse common signs of aging, promote healthy teeth, strengthen the immune system, clear up your skin, and even enhance your mind’s wellness. However, it does not appear to be sold with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

List of Ingredients

Camellia Sinensis (Wu-Long tea is derived from this plant), Polyphenol (this component activates an enzyme, which may dissolve triglycerides), and Catechin (a potent antioxidant that destroys free radicals).

Product Features

Wu-Long is an herbal tea that is actually the same thing as Oolong Tea. It contains key active components like Catechin and Polyphenol. Not only is this tea supposed to assist users with weight loss, but it is also claimed to combat free radicals in the body. In regards to the potential weight reduction benefits of Wu-Long tea, some studies suggest that this herbal formula may increase the user’s metabolism, as well as energy levels. More specifically, it activates enzymes in the body that in turn dissolve triglycerides. Naturally this can vary depending on who is drinking the tea regularly, and what type of diet plan he/she adheres to. Supposedly users can shed 10-15 pounds over time when consuming Wu-Long tea. It sells via the official website for $8 (for two ounces of tea leaves).

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  • This tea formula may increase antioxidant levels in the body, which can be good for your health.
  • It is easy to acquire this tea through several online websites.


  • There are no well known active ingredients found in Wu-Long tea for weight loss.
  • Testimonials are not presented to support the claimed effectiveness of this diet tea.
  • Some users may not experience any weight loss with Wu-Long tea.
  • Some dieters may prefer a more convenient pill supplement.


It is clear that there are many promises made about the benefits of Wu-Long Tea. While this all sounds appealing, it may sound a tad too good to be true. Overall, this tea comes across like a “miracle” cure for weight problems, aging, bad skin, and several other health concerns. However, after reviewing the ingredients found in Wu-Long Tea, it is unclear why this product would work as well for weight reduction as many others on the market today.

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