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Wu-Long Source is a company / website associated with a weight loss scam. The company that owned the website also owned Wu Yi Source and DietAwards.org. The company rated itself on the DietAwards.org website and then posted the rating on the weight loss websites to gain consumer trust. Many complaints have been filed against the company for stealing credit card numbers, fraudulent charges and no product delivery. The official website for the Wu-Long Source company is no longer active, but we found a screen shot of the website. According to Wu-Long Source, a dieter could look like a Hollywood start after following the Wu-Yi System. The product sold by the company for around $40 for sixty tea bags was no different than Chinese tea sold in any Asian market. The ingredient list did not include Wu-Yi Wu-Long.

List of Ingredients

Company fraudulently selling common tea bags as a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

At the top of the official website owned by Wu-Long Source is a huge warning. The warning states that dieters need to use the products listed on the website with caution. Dieters wanting to lose a couple of pounds should not take the product because of the potential weight loss effects. This is marketing banter and there is no evidence that Wu-Long Source sells such a product.

None of the websites associated with Wu-Long Source are currently operational, even the dietawards.org website that honored Wu-Long Source with the diet of the year award. It just so happens that the same person owned both websites, making the award relatively useless.

Weight loss teas have come into the spotlight as of late due to the dangerous combination of ingredients or lack of complete ingredient list. Some companies leave out certain ingredients and simply list “nature substances” on the label. If there are no ingredients listed or the company has a bad reputation on rip-off websites online, it is best for the dieter to choose another product. Most of these products contain laxatives and diuretics that cause temporary weight loss.

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  • None.


  • The tea bags are priced more than some proven weight loss supplements.
  • Wu-Long Source owned several websites that promoted each other.
  • DietAwards.org was not an authentic website.
  • Wu-Long Source websites are no longer active online.
  • The company is the subject of several rip-off reports.


Wu-Long Source is a company every dieter should stay away from. There are no active websites at this time, but that does not mean the owner of the Wu-Long Source company is not selling products under a new name. The company is known for promoting a product they do not sell and charging consumers for products they never receive.

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