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The health benefits of tea have of course been known by those living in China and India for thousands of years. Tea is high in polyphenols which have a number of health benefits, and it is due to this compound that tea has the reputation of being a healthy drink. Wu Long Tea is said by those marketing it and selling it not only to have antioxidant qualities but to help frequent drinkers to lose weight by boosting the metabolism. Many claim that, furthermore, boosting the metabolism will help burn more calories. The difference between Wu Long tea, and black and green tea is that Wu Long tea is partially fermented. The tea leaves are dried in the sunlight and allowed to partially oxidise until the tea leaves redden.

List of Ingredients

The sole ingredient is tea.

Product Features

Wu long tea is known also as Oolong tea. Wu long tea is hand picked, unlike some teas which are now harvested using machinery. This means that the newest leaves can be selected to ensure freshness. You may wander what is the difference between Green tea and Wu long tea. Wu long tea is fermented for a longer length of time than Green Tea, but for less time than for black tea. There are many online stores selling Wu long tea, and the average price is $24 for ten oz. of loose tea. This will give you about seventy five cups. Interest in Wu long tea and its weight loss benefits increased after it was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Tests carried out by the US department of Agriculture and the University of Tokushima showed that Wu long tea increases oxidation which in turn increases your metabolic rate, with some possible weight loss benefits.

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  • Wu long tea is relatively inexpensive to purchase.
  • The health benefits of tea have been known for thousands of centuries.
  • Wu long tea is available to purchase on line.


  • Drinking too much tea can reduce the amount of Vitamin B1 in your body as the tannic acid in tea reacts with Vitamin B1 in your body.
  • Those who have stomach ulcers or other problems should not drink Wu Long tea.
  • There is no hard proof that Wu long tea is more effective than other weight loss methods.
  • No money back gurantee.


The health benefits of drinking tea are undisputed. So, drnking two cups of Wu long tea a day is unlikely to do you any harm, and will probably do you some good. However drinking fifteen cups a day is also likely to provoke some undesirable side effects As with everything, it is something to be taken in moderation. People who drink Wu long tea often do so as part of an overall weight loss programme, which includes exercise, a change in diet, and a diet supplement regimen. So, if they are successful, we can never actually be sure what it is exactly that have been responsible for the weight loss. So, do drink Wu long tea if you enjoy it, but it is probably not the miracle weight loss solution that we are all hoping for.

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    Is it possible the tea to cause vertigo problem I am going through dizziness problem after taking the tea.