Wu Yi Pixie Pack Review

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Many people scour the Internet for the perfect supplement to boost weight loss. But Wu-Yi Pixie Pack—a powdered tea that quickly dissolves in water—may be a new twist for some individuals hoping to shed a few pounds. According to the official website, it was at one point rated the #1 weight-loss drink. The tea contains a blend of natural teas and vitamins, which, according to Wu-Yi Pixie Pack’s homepage, may boost metabolism and burn fat.

For $69.87 customers may receive a 30-day supply of the tea, and the Wu-Yi Pixie Packs will then be continually billed and shipped each month under the product’s auto-shipment plan.

List of Ingredients

The product contains green tea extract, a natural weight stabilizer. While this may sound great, the packs do not actually include the 400mg of green tea needed to burn body fat. The tea also includes oolong tea extract and Citrimax, two ingredients which can promote weight loss. But once again, Wu-Yi Pixie Pack does not contain either of these in amounts large enough to help their customers achieve visible results. The tea includes a rather mysterious “vitamin B complex,” which does not fully list the ingredients it contains. Vitamin B in itself may increase energy but will not promote weight loss.

Product Features

While Wu-Yi Pixie Pack claims to target unwanted belly fat and to increase overall energy, it lacks clinical evidence to back it up. The caffeinated tea contains antioxidants and seven calories. The powdered packs quickly dissolve in water of any temperature—no boiling or steeping involved. The official website claims the tea uses a thermogenic formula to boost weight loss.

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  • Wu-Yi Pixie Pack dissolves quickly and easily in boiling water.
  • The product claims to use a thermogenic formula.
  • The tea contains antioxidants.
  • The tea is low in calories.


  • No clinical studies have scientifically tested this product for health or weight-loss benefits.
  • The product does not contain a complete listing of ingredients, which makes it uncertain that potentially-beneficial ingredients are included in amounts large enough to promote weight-loss.
  • There are no suggested diet or exercise guidelines to follow while taking the product.
  • Customers must drink the tea several times throughout the day.
  • The official website does not mention the taste of the tea.
  • The product contains caffeine and may interfere with sleep patterns if it is taken up to four hours before bed.
  • Under the product’s auto-shipment program, the “free trial offer” is misleading—customers must cancel their order within several days of placing it, or their credit cards will be billed.
  • Thirty tea packets cost a hefty $69.87.


Green tea is naturally low in calories and contains natural antioxidants, so what makes Wu-Yi Pixie Pack more special than the average green tea?

The product claims its blend of natural teas and B vitamins will melt fat and boost energy. But because the tea lacks the right amounts of fat-blasting ingredients, the weight-loss function of Wu-Yi Pixie Pack is merely comparable to the average green tea’s. It’s doubtful that Wu-Yi Pixie Pack is actually worth the additional cost.

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