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Wu Yi Source Tea is a tea that has been claimed to help overweight people achieve their weight loss goals. The company has a North American headquarters that is located in Ontorio, California. In this review the information that is available to us will be used in order to determine whether or not Wu Yi Source Tea is an effective weight loss product.


When researching Wu-Yi Source Tea, there was only one ingredient found. That ingredient is called Oolong Tea. Oolong tea can be found in the Wu-Yi Mountains of the Fujian Province. This tea has been used over the years and through many Chinese generations as a form of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has most often been used to assist in decreasing free radical damage, to promote good mental health, to boost the immune system, and in the oxidation of fat. It is also said that it is used in the oxidation of fat. It appears that it may also have some thermogesic like capabilities that are comparable to those of green and black tea.

Product Features

Oolong tea, the only ingredient in Wu-Yi Tea Source, has been promoted by many companies claiming it as their secret ingredient. Although this product is said to have thermogesic and antioxidant capabilities, studies indicate that it probably has the same capabilities as green or black tea, which can be found at a cheaper price.

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  • May effectively attack and improve free radical damage.
  • Caffeine effects may be smooth and not jittery.


  • There were many negative consumer reviews.
  • Many people reported that the taste of the tea was unbearable.
  • Customers have reported that they were over billed on their credit cards.
  • Very poor customer service.
  • Although a refund is promised if you are not satisfied with the product, there is no reason to note this as a positive. This is because getting through to customer service and actually talking to a real person so a refund could be obtained, was proven to be very difficult.


Wu-Yi Tea Source is promoted as being a secret to weight loss when it appears that the same weight loss benefits are found in black and green tea, which can be found at a much cheaper price. It should be addressed that this company is likely to be a fraud because of the over billing, and the fact that they do not honor their own money back guarantee. Another thing that was found to be disturbing is that there were many customer complaints that stated how awful this tea tastes. When looking at other products that use Oolong tea as their secret ingredient, the reviews stated that it was the best tasting tea they ever had. This may lead some people to wonder if this product actually contains the real Oolong tea.

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  • 1
    Rachel Patterson

    I have been a valued customer for a few years now. All of a sudden I quit receiving the tea. I have crohns and this is the only thing that helps with it, it works better then any medication I have ever been on. If you could please let me know why I am not receiving it anymore I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You


  • 2

    Very strong tea… You could try the tea for 3 months free trial…but went to cancel and never could cancel no one ever and were the phone, left numerous messages finally for through to them after 20 boxes of tea


  • 3
    malkia smith

    I want to order. Please.



    i have been trying for over five mouths now to try to find this tea its called WU-YI-SORCE TEA it is in a black box with gold lettering and it comes in a box of 60 tea bags can you help me find this please and with the phone number thank you september


    Cindy Frizzell-Sullivan

    I have the box of tea that you are trying to find…it was given to me so I don’t know where it was obtained….however there is an manufacturers address on the box, but it is in china—-here it is: Zhejiang Camel Transworld Co. Ltd.,218 Ti Yu Chang Road. Hangzhou
    Zhejiang, China 310041…I hope this is helpful….good luck!


    Cindy Frizzell-Sullivan

    I also saw where you can buy it on amazon.com for $18/box…

  • 4
    Juanita Ryan

    can I take wuyi tea with acai berry pill? thank you.


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