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What You Should Know

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Wulong Tea is a very popular weight loss product. There are hundreds of websites promising outrageous weight loss results from drinking a few cups of tea every day. Typically, weight loss teas are laden with laxatives, diuretics, caffeine and other ingredients that may not be listed on the official label. Dieters should always search for company or website reviews before trusting them with credit card information. Chances are if the company is known for taking consumer’s money, they are not selling a proven weight loss product. Another name for Wulong Tea is Oolong Tea.

List of Ingredients

  • Oxidized tea.

Product Features

Oolong or wulong tea is dried in the sun, oxidized and rolled or twisted. The tea is fermented with different producers using different fermentation times. It is not uncommon for one wulong tea to be fermented 10-percent while another is fermented 80-percent. One of the most popular types of wulong tea is grown in the Wu-Yi Mountains in Fuji.

There are many varieties of wulong tea, including Red Rose, Cassia and Iron Goddess. Each is named for the area in which the tea is grown. Unlike other varieties of tea, wulong tea should be brewed multiple times for optimal taste and effect. The best tea is brewed five times from the same tea leaves.

The only known weight loss benefit of oolong or wulong tea is associated with the caffeine content of the tea leaves. The amount of caffeine per cup depends on a variety of factors, but generally the tea has less caffeine than its popular cousin, green tea.

The best place to buy wulong tea is from an Asian market or trusted online seller. There are many weight loss websites claiming extraordinary weight loss benefits associated with wulong tea. None of these websites can prove these benefits as they are simply not true. Dieters may gain a bit of extra energy from the caffeine, but that is where the weight loss benefits stop.

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  • Healthy tea for increased energy.
  • Contains less caffeine than weight loss supplements.
  • Can be purchased for less than $3 a box.
  • Wulong tea leaves should be brewed multiple times so one box lasts longer than green tea.


  • Many websites claim outrageous weight loss benefits.
  • The diet tea bags containing wulong tea sell for 10 to 20 times the average price of one box of tea bags.
  • Contains only a small amount of caffeine.


Wulong tea is not the same as Wu-Yi Wulong Tea. Wu-Yi is a range of mountains in Fuji where a specific variety of wulong tea is grown. There is a bit of caffeine to boost metabolism, but that is the only weight loss benefit of the tea.

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