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X-Treme FX is manufactured by Shawn Cotten. Although there is an official website for weight loss supplements manufactured by Shawn Cotton, this product X-Treme FX cannot actually be ordered from the website. You can however order X-Treme FX from online shops. The information regarding this product is rather sparse, making it difficult to figure out what might set it apart in the over-crowded diet aid marketplace. We are told that one of the major active ingredients in it is Bearberry, but apart from that there is little other ingredient information forthcoming from either vendors or manufacturers.


It was not possible to find a full ingredients list for X-Treme FX. We are told, however, that it contains Bearbeary.

Product Features

X-Treme FX can be ordered from a number of online stores at a price of $20 for thirty capsules. It is unclear whether there is a money back guarantee for this product. The official website for other products by Shawn Cotton does include a money back guarantee, but as X-Treme FX cannot be ordered directly from the official website this point is rather ambiguous. Certainly there is no offer of a free trial sample attached to this product. The lack of a full and comprehensive ingredients list for this product makes it difficult to assess and review the product in any kind of meaningful or reliable manner. We are told that X-Treme FX contains Bearberry which is also known as Uva Ursi. Bearberry is a diuretic that is also found in other weight loss products on the market. This is the only ingredient information that is given regarding this product’s ingredient list, which is never a good sign.

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  • This product is reasonably priced.
  • It can be ordered directly from online shops.
  • X-Treme FX contains a natural diuretic which means that it may help with wait gain caused by water retention.


  • There is no comprehensive ingredients list for X-Treme FX.
  • There does not seem to be a money back guarantee or a free trial period.
  • Product information regarding X-Treme FX is very sparse.
  • There is no official website for X-Treme FX.


Comprehensive product information regarding X-Treme FX is lacking. It is not possible to have confidence in a product when it is not possible to even have access to an ingredients list. The only ingredient information we are given regarding X-Treme FX is that it contains Bearberry. It would not be responsible to recommend this product until full ingredient details are accessible. If the reason that some information is given about Bearberry is because this is the only ingredient in the product, then this needs to be much more clearly stated. As things stand we certainly don’t see why anyone would buy X-Treme FX over and above other weight loss products that offer much more information and manufacturer support, and that are available for sale on the market today.

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    Rae Nell Echard

    Years ago I used extreme fx and had good results. AS a matter of fact I was looking for it now. I haven’t taken it for a long time and have put on a few pounds that I’m wanting to get back off. Do you have a better product suggestion that works well for people with high blood pressure?