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Regardless of how much weight you are striving to lose, there is likely a diet product available to meet your needs. In reality, finding that ideal weight loss pill or supplement formula can be a challenge all to itself. Especially when you consider all of the dangerous ones currently available. Not to mention the dietary supplements that fail to do anything for weight reduction. Well, now we are going to take a closer look at X-Trim. This is a weight loss formula that comes in capsule form, and is loaded with ingredients like fiber and Hydrocolloid.

First and foremost, it is important to know that X-Trim does not appear to be on the market any longer. There is no official website, or even a price posted online that pertains to this diet product. However, it is explained that X-Trim aims to work as an appetite suppressant and assist users with regularity (this can lead to some weight loss involving the digestive tract). The fiber in X-Trim causes users to feel fuller, and have fewer cravings. This is because fiber expands in the stomach when combined with water.

List of Ingredients

Fiber and Hydrocolloid (the only two ingredients revealed).

Product Features

X-Trim is a capsule formula that aims to promote healthy weight loss in adults. The primary component found in this product is fiber, which may assist the user with regularity (more frequent bowel movements). A second key ingredient incorporated into this formula is Hydrocolloid. This substance is added to promote healthy blood flow by aiding the user’s blood vessels. There are no other ingredients revealed for X-Trim. In regards to a 100 percent money-back guarantee, there is none mentioned for this weight loss product. Furthermore, there is no price posted for X-Trim capsules. All in all, it appears that this weight loss supplement is no longer available (may have been discontinued).

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  • Unlike many diet products on the market, X-Trim contains ample amounts of fiber.
  • This weight loss supplement does not call for a doctor’s prescription.


  • There is no full list of ingredients posted for X-Trim.
  • There is no price revealed for this weight loss formula.
  • It appears that X-Trim is no longer available for purchase.
  • This diet drug does not contain any well known ingredients pertaining to weight loss.
  • There are no consumer reviews presented online to support the claims made about X-Trim capsules.


In the end, X-Trim is not exactly a weight loss product in the running any longer. Since this capsule formula seems to be gone from the market, it is wise to check out other supplements available. While it is nice to see that X-Trim contained fiber as a main ingredient, this formula did not appear to offer any ingredients related to fat burning or thermo genesis.

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25 User Reviews about X-Trim

  • 1

    this company is a complete scam. they never sent my trial order xtrim bottle but they charged my account.. multiple times! i had to make phone calls for 3 months to finally get to a customer service person. his name is Tyler.. he was very rude to me but promised to take the unauthorized charges off my credit card. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON! Yes let’s all report them to BBB. (They are now changing over to selling Green Coffee Extract instead of x trim..)


  • 2
    Kari Byom

    I liked this product because it helped me lose 15 Ibs. But when it came time to cancle I could not find a # for them and they would not refund extra bottles that had been sent.


  • 3
    Blythe Findley

    Please stop sending me this product and refund me what you have charged. I will continue to send this product back to you.


  • 4
    Alice Buchanan

    I have tried to cancel this and you don’t do it. I do not want any more, please cancel my order. If you send any more I will call the credit card and have them cancel. I do not want any more. It is not good.


  • 5
    Patricia Arnold

    Please send address to cancel ASAP



    PO Box 2999, Riverton, Utah 84065, 888-568-17236, good luck!



    I sent a complaint to the BBB of Utah, it went unanswered so it was closed, but did go against their file. I never did get a refund, but did get another box of pills, yeah!


  • 6
    Mary Piercy

    This is a spam.
    I ordered free trial and was charged $79.95,
    I did not place any further order
    of XTRIM


  • 7

    I have been waiting for a refund for 11 days now. Not a good thing. since I will be calling the BBB today if the money is not refunded. Tried another company and they refunded my money in just 48 hours. Good luck to everyone else that has the same problem with x-trim


  • 8
    noni lloyd



  • 9

    I ordered the free trial and received it. I accidentally tried to receive it again and got out of the website. now I see they charged my acct 79.95. Help!


  • 10

    contrary to what others have posted here…X-trim worked great for me and the customer service was excellent!im not really sure why the customer service number is so hard to find because it’s posted on the website, lol. its 1-888-568-1723 FYI, but i lost 22 ponds in a month and have never felt better. this product actually helped control my blood sugar and lowered my cholesterol. Thank you X-trim, you got a loyal subject here



    Thanks for the number – I couldn’t find it – the number listed on my credit card bill wouldn’t accept calls. This one does work!


  • 11
    Mz Howard

    this company need to be reported to the BBB. they claim u r on a 14 day trial period and that period starts when u press the submitt button….please report them, because your money will nott be refunded. they will offer u a 30% discount. they are very argumentive and very misleading


  • 12

    I just ordered this product today 6/2/2011 and I tried to talk to someone about extending the trial period, and the PHONE number doesn’t work….I’m freaking out!! Wish I would have saw this web site first! Does anyone know how to get ahold of this HORRIBLE company? I do NOT want to be billed the $79.95 nor do I want to do business with a company I can’t even talk to!!!!


  • 13



  • 14

    a total ripoff company. scam artists don;t order you will never gert your money back and thery continuer to charge your account. call attorneys office and report them


  • 15
    mr carlisle

    I ordered a free trim of xtrim in 1/18/2011 when i celled to discuss,I had a very difficult time getting a refund,they tried to tell me i didn’t call to stop the order in time that a lie,I call on 1/29/2011 not a good company p.s.big ass lieing company!!!!


  • 16
    diana brockman

    i recv x trim as free sample but do not want to recv anything further. I can’t find anywhere to cancel.


    sharon shafer

    MAY 27 XTRIM


  • 17
    Ginger Bennett

    WARNING: VERY SHADY BUSINESS I ordered a “free trial” of Xtriim in Nov. 2010 from a merchant “XTRIM 888-5681723 CA”. All I had to do was pay the shipping and handling.
    The company billed me for 79.95!
    When I called to discuss the discrepancy, I had a very difficult time getting a refund. They tried to tell me I didn’t read the terms & conditions. I explained that I had screenshots of the entire online transaction and nowhere does it state a price of 79.95. They offered a 30% refund…then 40%. Only when I threatened to report them to the BBB for shady business practice did they agree to refund the 79.95.

    Sad way of doing business.



    Hey thanks i couldnt find a real # anywhere what a crappy co !!!!!!
    i wish i would have looked here first !My advice to everyone dont do it !!!



    They overdrew my account!!!!!


    Billie Lunduski

    They didn’t get the order to me until 10 days after I ordered so I only had 4 days to try it out, thinking that I had 14 DAYS! So they billed my account 79.95 and when I called them they would only give me back 50%, 39.98 THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!



    There is no fine print. I have reported them to the BBB in Utah. I have been charged 3 times, I called and cancelled but am still getting billed. DON’T BUY INTO THIS!