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X2 Ab Ripper is the abdominal routine included in the P90X2 home fitness program. The routine takes the basic principles of the original Ab Ripper X from P90X and takes the exercises to the next level. You have the opportunity to perform 11 different exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal and core region.

List of Ingredients


  • Abdominal routine that is a routine in P90X2.

Product Features

If you completed P90X, chances are you worked you abdominal region a minimum of three times per week using Ab Ripper X. The difference with P90X2 relates to the number of times you use X2 Ab Ripper. During the first month, you only have to perform the routine once per week. In the additional months, the amount you perform the routine increases.

Similar to Ab Ripper X, X2 Ab Ripper is a mere 16 minutes. The main concern with the amount of time needed to perform the routine involves when you perform the routine. If you follow P90X2 to the letter, you perform the routine directly after another routine. When you exercise for approximately 60 minutes, an additional 16 minutes is a bit time consuming.

The exercises in X2 Ab Ripper are a bit more challenging than the original Ab Ripper X. There are 11 exercises, each with repetitions exceeding 20. A tip to consider is listening to Tony Horton. If you rush through the exercises, you will not benefit from the routine.

X2 Ab Ripper is not sold as an individual DVD. You must purchase the entire P90X2 fitness program in order to benefit from X2 Ab Ripper. The cost of the program ranges from $120 to $327.

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  • The routine work the entire abdominal region.
  • The routine takes less time to complete than typical P90X2 routines.


  • Time constraints is performed after a P90X2 routine.
  • There is no guarantee of increased muscle growth.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The routine is not sold separately.
  • You must purchase the entire P90X2 program in order to use X2 Ab Ripper.


We like X2 Ab Ripper. The routine focuses on the entire abdominal region as well as the core. The exercises are more challenging than the original Ab Ripper X routine. If performed as a separate exercise, the time constraints are minimal. In the event you perform the routine after a P90X2 routine, you are spending more than an hour exercising. This could potentially be a concern for individuals with time constraints. The main concern is the cost. You must purchase the entire P90X2 system in order to benefit from the X2 Ab Ripper routine.

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