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X2 Core is a fitness routine from the popular P90X2. The workout targets the muscles of your upper body, lower body and more importantly, your core. The program was developed by fitness celebrity Tony Horton and distributed by Beachbody. The program takes a different approach to working the core, unlike the core routine in P90X. In the P90X version, the core routine was more of a cardiovascular fitness routine, where as X2 Core is more muscle development based. The company recommends using one of the many Beachbody fitness programs prior to jumping into this particular routine due to the strenuous nature of the exercises.

List of Ingredients


  • Fitness routine that is a part of the P90X2 exercise plan.

Product Features

X2 Core is a fitness routine that is one of the workouts of P90X2. The fitness routine is utilized throughout P90X2 and centers on improving overall core strength and stability. Unlike the core routine in P90X, you will need accessories to complete the routine as designed. You will need a stability ball, a foam roller, weights, a mat and a medicine ball. Although several of the accessories are optional, to maximize results, you will need the accessories.

If time is not on your side, you may need to consider a different fitness routine. X2 Core lasts approximately 55 minutes from start to finish. This was and is a main concerns with the P90X/P90X2 fitness system. At times, individuals do not have almost an hour to dedicate to fitness on a daily basis.

The price is a concern. The basic P90X2 program costs approximately $120. Several routines are available to purchase as individuals workouts, but not X2 Core. You can purchase the individual workout on a third party ecommerce site, but you will not have the same guarantee as if you purchased the workout from Beachbody.

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  • The fitness routine targets the entire core.
  • You have access to the Beachbody community.


  • The routine is long.
  • You need to purchase the entire P90X2 fitness program in order to use X2 Core.
  • You need to purchase accessories to perform the routines as designed.
  • The routine may not be applicable for all fitness levels.


We like Beachbody products, especially X2 Core. Not many fitness routines focus on the entire core. Other fitness routines merely center on the abdominal region and claims the routine works the core. The 18 exercises will increase your heart rate as well as help you strengthen your core muscles. When used with proper diet and supplementation, you may notice weight loss. The only concern is the time needed to perform the routine and the accessories needed to perform the routine as described.

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