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X2 Yoga is blessing in disguise. The workout is unlike the Yoga X from P90X. As most individuals remember, Yoga X lasted for a mind numbing 90 minutes. This was a deal breaker for the majority of individuals that did not complete the program. X2 Yoga lasts a bit over 60 minutes. Although this is still quite long, the routine is shorter than its predecessor is. You experience similar moves such as sun salutations, downward dog and warrior poses, mixed in with balance postures.

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  • Yoga routine.

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X2 Yoga is the fourth workout in the P90X2 fitness program. The routine incorporates movements similar to the ones found in Yoga X from P90X. You start off by performing the mountain pose that leads into a variety of sun salutations. Next is downward dog, followed by the crescent poses and ultimately warrior positions. After the traditional yoga positions, you experience balance postures such as wheel, bridge, crane, frog and pigeon.

Although X2 Yoga is designed to improve overall strength and flexibility, some of the maneuvers are a bit challenging if you have not performed yoga moves in the past. The recommendations available discuss moving at a comfortable pace and not over stretching your muscles.

Similar to the other P90X2 routines, X2 Yoga is not available as an individual routine. You must pay for the entire P90X2 fitness program. The cost on the official website is between $120 and $327. The routine is available on third party ecommerce sites such as Amazon.com for less, but the guarantees are limited.

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  • The time it takes to complete the routine is approximately 60 minutes.
  • The fitness routine is low-impact.
  • X2 Yoga works the entire body.
  • Yoga helps improve flexibility, stability and coordination.


  • You have to purchase the entire P90X2 fitness kit.
  • Several of the P90X2 fitness kits are expensive.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.


We know and understand the benefits of yoga. When performed correctly, you will improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The moves in X2 Yoga are ideal for all fitness types. If you cannot perform the maneuvers like the cast, Tony Horton recommends performing a lower intensity alternative. He constantly reminds individuals to work at your fitness level and do not exceed until you are able.

The main concern with X2 Yoga is the price. Since the DVD is not sold as an individual fitness routine, you must purchase the entire P90X2 kit. The total investment could easily exceed $327. Although the price is high, we feel the investment is worth it.

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