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If you are just getting started with a weight loss goal, then you may be overwhelmed by the oodles of supplements and programs at your fingertips. Needless to say, these infinite options can make things a tad confusing. Well, one company that offers a fruit-puree based product is XanGo. While you may have never heard of XanGo Juice, it can be found online through several web stores and distributors.

Unlike many supplement formulas on the market today, XanGo Juice is not presented as a fat reduction product or calorie-burning solution. In fact, this fruit beverage does not appear to be a weight loss product at all. It is more or less a healthy fruit drink that can be consumed by the ounce. Men and women can take daily shots of XanGo Juice in order to receive nutrients like Xanthones, Catechins, Flavenoids, and Proanthocyanidins. This product is marketed toward virtually everyone as a health beverage. It can potentially help prevent cancer, support the health or your intestines, and assist with cartilage repair. An FAQ section is provided on the main website to assist consumers with common questions and concerns.

List of Ingredients

Concentrations of Naturally Occurring Phytonutrients (Catechins, Xanthones, Flavenoids, and Proanthocyanidins).

Product Features

XanGo Juice is a beverage that is made from whole-fruit puree. It is made from Mangosteen fruit, which is found in Southeast Asia. This fruit in particular is only harvested twice each year. Apparently it requires very careful handling. Dieters are supposed to consume one to three ounces of XanGo Juice each day in order to get the various nutrients and vitamins it offers. More specifically, this juice formula harnesses the power of Xanthones (a biologically active component). The purpose of this component is to help users maintain a healthy digestive system, combat free radical damage, boost immune system health, aid the respiratory system, and promote healthy joint function. The cost of XanGo Juice is not revealed on the official website, unless you have a user ID and password.

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  • XanGo Juice is made with natural whole-fruit puree.
  • This juice beverage may assist with combating free radical damage.


  • There is no official price posted on the main website for XanGo Juice.
  • This product does not promote weight reduction, or curb appetite.
  • XanGo Juice comes across like many other fruit juices on the market today, which are easier to purchase.


There are some products out there that are primarily just for general health maintenance. XanGo Juice is one of these products, and it may be beneficial to many men and women that wish to improve digestive health, while combating free radical damage. However, this juice formula does not aim to help with real weight loss or heightened thermo genesis.

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13 User Reviews about XanGo

  • 1
    albert Mofya

    i have been introduced to mangosteen madication and i want to one of the distrubtors here in Zambian,what is the dosage and application


    Xango agisce a livello cellulare è un antinfiammatorio e quindi va bene per tutti i disturbi

    Tell us your thoughts about XanGo. Diteci i vostri pensieri su XanGo.


  • 2
    Loretta Baumgartner

    I used to buy Xango for my brother, but I was in MI. I have a friend here in Fl
    that would like to try it. I need the address of the closest distributor. Zephyrhills, Fl


  • 3

    I wonder about this product as well.
    I an distributor previously with another health distributor, usually weight loss increases your stamina as well as sex drive. This product is rather expensive nevertheless.
    There are so many scams and sound good out there do you homework twice.



    The juice taste terrible. Don’t believe distributors when they say it taste great or you have to drink it cold. Ask them for a sample. My husband disliked it as well. The green energy pills are just caffeine and they sell it as “vitality”. There is no such thing. Ask your doctor. lol


  • 4



  • 5

    please give me the list of diseases that xango heals


  • 6
    oen tio

    At 2 meetings, it was said that hair will re-grow. This is not in my case. Also, a man was shown with nerve injury of the arm after gunshot wound, was completely healed. This all seems to be
    just a way to get the product xango sold.
    Xango is a fruit drink, because of the price increase mnay cancelled their ordersSS


  • 7

    I’ve now finished my 3rd bollte of Xango juice and I just became a distributor. All I can say is, before taking Xango juice I was intersted in sex about once per month. I was intersted last week 3 times. And no viagra either.



    Are you serious about the increased sex drive? I’m just pondering about this Xango Juice and looking at the pro/cons of it. So are you a male or female? Would like to know some other benefits you found with the juice. Thank you


  • 8
    Deloris Jones

    One of the best products that I have ever tried. I am distributor and my clients have found relief from ailments that doctors had not resolve for them. Go Xango!


  • 9

    If you can think back to when you were younger how did you feel weighing less than you do now? if the benefits of life, healthy life,is what you are looking for,and the benefits are a healthy life money should not be a issue. Mangosteen fruit has been used since the beginning of time and it’s God made not man created. which would you prefer? I’ll take God everytime.


  • 10
    Peggy Spencer

    I tried Xango to help my depression (It did help). But after 4 months I noticed that I had lost a lot of excess weight. It continued until I got to a good maintenance weight. 20-25 lbs total. Xango is somewhat pricey. I think I’ll try Kyani products now.