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Xanthadrene, brought to dieters by Newton Everett, is a non-stimulant weight control and loss supplement. The manufacturer claims weight loss will improve by 450% over a 16 week period just by taking the supplement. This is a huge claim and one that we doubt the ingredient list will support especially if there are no stimulants in the formula. The two key ingredients listed are Hoodia and Green Tea. Green tea is proven, but Hoodia is one of the worst ingredients a weight loss company can choose for appetite suppression.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Blend: Green Tea Extract, Certified African Hoodia, Pomegranate Extract and Fucoxanthin.

Product Features

Green tea, the major player in this supplement is clinically proven to suppress appetite and increase fat burn. Only 18 mg of caffeine are included in the Xanthadrene supplement as a result of adding green tea. This is a very small amount of caffeine and unlikely to have any effect on the dieter in terms of stimulation. Xanthadrene promised no stimulants and that is a promise they have lived up to.

The second ingredient is Hoodia. Hoodia is included in weight loss supplements to curb appetite. Despite the huge number of experts who have tested Hoodia with no proven appetite suppressing effects, weight loss companies continue to use the name Hoodia in hopes dieters will not know the ingredient does not work. If the Hoodia were certified a CITES certificate would be posted on the website or available for viewing by request. We could find no such reference.

Pomegranate extract helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body. There are no known weight loss benefits associated with the extract that would support its inclusion in Xanthadrene. Fucoxanthin is an ingredient derived from seaweed. According to animal research, this ingredient could help dieters lose 5 to 10% of body weight in the abdominal area. Researchers have not tested these results on humans and thus the effect is a null point.

Xanthadrene sells for $49.95 per 90 capsules – a 30-day supply.

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  • There are no stimulants as promised.
  • The website allows direct ordering.
  • Green tea is proven to help weight loss.


  • For the price, the product does not offer much benefit.
  • Aside from green tea, there are no great ingredients.


Weight loss is a personal struggle and one that many dieters are researching solutions for before spending money on the next fad pill. Xanthadrene does not offer enough proven ingredients to help dieters lose weight. Hoodia is ineffective and green tea, though included, should be consumed in certain amounts to be effective. Xanthadrene does not list how much green tea is added to the supplement. We support proven ingredients from trusted manufacturers.

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