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The first thing you should understand about today’s diet market is that it is loaded with supplements. While some of these work effectively, others can be very harmful to your health. This article was created to give you a better idea of what Xantrax has to offer dieters. This weight loss pill is directed to be taken daily in order to boost the user’s metabolism, and heighten energy levels throughout the day. It does not require a doctor’s prescription, and no fitness regimen is recommended with Xantrax.

Like some other weight loss products, there is no specified diet plan involved with Xantrax. This dietary formula contains ingredients like Bitter Orange Extract to boost the metabolism. However, this component may cause side effects in some users, since it can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. Both Guarana and Green Tea are found in Xantrax as well. These two key ingredients are loaded with caffeine, which may draw water from the user’s muscles. Caffeine is a diuretic that is commonly frowned upon in the weight loss industry (can cause nervousness, jitteriness, and rapid heart rates as well).

List of Ingredients

Bitter Orange Extract, Green Tea Extract, Ginseng, Guarana, Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin B, and Zinc.

Product Features

Xantrax is a weight loss supplement developed by Hershel Beck, which is an Australian company. Like so many other dietary supplements on the market today, this one is claimed to be infused with all natural ingredients. The primary ones being Guarana, Bitter Orange Extract, Ginseng, and Green Tea Extract. Essentially Xantrax aims to boost the user’s metabolism, and energy levels so that he/she can burn off fat/calories more quickly. At this time, it appears that Xantrax is no longer offered online. It is likely that this diet drug was discontinued. There are no testimonials provided for Xantrax, and no 100% money-back guarantee can be found. Lastly, a price is not revealed for this weight loss formula.

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  • There is no prescription needed to acquire this weight loss product.
  • The ingredients used in Xantrax are all natural, which some dieters may appreciate.


  • Xantrax no longer appears to be for sale from online.
  • There are websites that present complaints about this diet drug.
  • The Green Tea Extract incorporated into Xantrax contains caffeine, which is a diuretic.
  • There is no price or guarantee posted for this weight reduction pill.


All in all, Xantrax does not come across as the most safe and promising dietary supplement on the market for weight reduction. Especially since it contains several potentially harmful ingredients. Regardless, Xantrax does not appear to be sold any longer anyway, which means it is wise to shop around for a different weight loss product to assist you with your goals.

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4 User Reviews about Xantrax

  • 1

    I have used this product for 2 days only, it has caused nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, dehydration along with muscle and bone pain. I am exhausted as i stop counting after the 14th time I vomitted. Have gone to the hospital because of jitterness, shakyness and fever. I only took the pill 5 times on day 1, & 4 times on day 2.


  • 2

    Hi ive used xantrax for 3 days now and i am getting bad nausea. Should i still take it or go for something else?



    Seabomb, you should keep up your water intake and caffeine can dehydrate you quickly, Especially if you already drink coffee during the day too.


  • 3

    How long should i use Xantrax for, I have the high potencey 60 Tablets.