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Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Xellex is a weight loss product. It is manufactured by the company TriPharma. TriPharma is a US based supplement producer that supplies several other supplements in addition to the Xellex weight loss supplement. When searching for an official TriPharma website, only a site under construction wa found. It is difficult to determine whether or not this website was created by the same TriPharma that produces Xellex. Due to the lack of a website, there is no official contact information for the creators of Xellex.


Plant based polysaccharides and Esterified fatty acids.

Product Features

According to the information provided on Xellex with Celadrin, the supplement is supposed to reduce body fat stores and increase weight loss. Leptin is the target of the supplement. The website offers a large amount of information on Leptin, but there is no information linking the Xellex to Leptin.

There is no official website for Xellex. There are, however, several websites that sell the product. These websites all offer the same information over and over again; none of which supports any real claims of weight loss. Xellex does not include a fat burner or an appetite suppressant. Up to six capsules can be taken per day. One bottle of Xellex retails for about $30.00 at the time of this review.

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  • Xellex is inexpensive.
  • Many online retailers offer money back guarantees.


  • Does not appear to contain any type of fat burners.
  • Does not appear to contain anything that could help boost your metabolism.
  • Does not appear to provide an energy source.
  • There may be too many carbohydrates for diabetics.
  • No official website.
  • No contact information.


Xellex makes some big claims in regards to weight loss but these claims are not backed up. The supplement creator, TriPharma, does not have an official website. The online retailers offer some information on the product, but no real ingredient list or backing for the weight loss claims. At this time, we cannot support Xellex due to the lack of substantial information. Weight loss supplements with fat burners, appetite suppressants and official websites amy help the dieter lose more weight.

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