Xellex With Celadrin Review

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If you are new to the world of diet pills and weight loss formulas, you may as well know from the get-go that some research is required before choosing one to suit your weight loss needs/goals. This is why this review for Xellex with Celadrin was created. Although you may have never heard of this supplement before, it is one that aims to aid with fat reduction by controlling a certain hormone in the user’s body. Like many other supplements available online today, Xellex with Celadrin does not require a prescription.

There is not a great deal revealed when it comes to the core active ingredients used in Xellex with Celadrin. What is in this formula is listed below. However, there are no components added to suppress hunger, burn fat, or boost thermo genesis. Also, there is no regular exercise regimen or low-fat diet recommended with Xellex with Celadrin.

List of Ingredients

A Proprietary Blend of Polysaccharides (700 milligrams), and Celadrin (100 milligrams per serving).

Product Features

Xellex with Celadrin is a weight loss formula developed for both women and men that prefer assistance with fat reduction. Unlike most diet pills and supplements for weight loss, this one is claimed to regulate Leptin within the user’s body. This is essentially a hormone found in everyone that alerts the brain when the body is hungry. Leptin is also responsible for storing fat. In other words, by controlling this hormone, Xellex with Celadrin is supposed to be able to limit or reduce fat storage. Naturally this can lead to weight loss. This dietary supplement was created by TriPharma, and it sells online for around $25. However, if users take Xellex with Celadrin as it is directed on the bottle, this product will not last much more than two weeks. There was no official website found for this weight loss pill. Nor was there any testimonials or reviews presented for Xellex with Celadrin. As with many other weight loss products, this one could have been discontinued, but a few distributors have some bottles left to sell.

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  • Xellex with Celadrin comes in a convenient pill form.
  • This product does not require a prescription.


  • There are no reviews posted on an official website to give dieters an idea of how well this product actually works.
  • There is no 100% guarantee offered with Xellex with Celadrin.
  • This weight loss product does not have an official website.
  • There are no free trial samples offered.


In regards to Xellex with Celadrin, this does not come across as one of the best candidates for weight loss. After all, there are no well known fat reduction ingredients used in this formula; nor are there any reviews from past users to give you a better idea of how well Xellex with Celadrin works. Finally, there is no official website for this dietary supplement at all.

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3 User Reviews about Xellex With Celadrin

  • 1
    Mark Pohl

    I have several health issues, and would like to know if they would have any effect on what prescriptions I am taking. Currently I am a Type 2 diabetic, also take blood pressure medicene along with colestral meds as well. Please respond to my email
    Mark Pohl


  • 2

    i dont know about weight loss but it has taken my cholestrol down about 200 points since i use celedrin!


  • 3
    lorinda de kock

    where can xellex with celadrin
    be orderd from