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What You Should Know

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XenaClen claims to be a weight loss supplement that helped 100% of people taking the supplement lose weight, but there is no official website, no ingredient list and no testimonials from any of the dieters mentioned in the product description. We found a XenaClen.com, but the site is nothing more than a WordPress website without detailed information on the supplement. The Hello post is still published on the site, so the company behind it must have thrown up some information and ran. If you click on the Order Now button you will be taken to a live website offering XenaClen. The website claims to sell legal steroids.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Product Features

How is the dieter supposed to decide whether or not to give XenaClen a try if they have no idea what ingredients are in the mix? According to the product description on the sales page the dieter will feel increased energy, rapid weight loss, aggression and extreme focus. We’re not sure why aggression is considered a healthy benefit of any supplement, but clearly the creators of XenaClen believe it is a selling point.

We were able to find one listed ingredient in the formula – caffeine anhydrous. This is nothing more than powdered caffeine. Caffeine is clinically tested and considered safe for most dieters, but we have no idea how much caffeine is in XenaClen or if there are other ingredients in the formula. Based upon the product description, there are likely other ingredients contributing to the stimulant properties of this supplement.

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  • There is an official website, but it is not developed or complete.
  • Caffeine is the only known ingredient, which happens to be a proven ingredient.


  • We could not find a company behind XenaClen.
  • We attempted to contact a seller on eBay and the official site for an ingredient list to no avail.
  • XenaClen is available for sale on a legal steroids website.


XenaClen is not a safe and effective weight loss product. There is no way this product helped 100% of the people who used it lose weight, but why the hidden ingredient list, incomplete website and lack of detailed information on the manufacturer or dieters who lost weight? There are too many questions about XenaClen left after hours of researchers to give dieters the thumbs up on this one. Any diet supplement that claims to cause aggression and lists that as a badge of honor is not a safe weight loss supplement.

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