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Xengevity believes in living a healthy, leaner life full of exercise and healthy eating. The main portion of the program is the meal delivery system. The system is set up for affiliate marketers who want to lose weight and earn money in the process. For each person brought into the Xengevity plan, the marketer pays less for their own meal plan. The official website for Xengevity is no longer functional, so we assume meal deliveries are not currently available.

Xengevity was a bit different from other meal delivery weight loss programs because dieters were given access to three fitness experts. The experts suggested at least 30 minutes of waling each day to increase weight loss and improve fitness level. Walking is one of the healthiest exercises for weight loss, but it does not take a fitness expert to recognize this fact.

List of Ingredients

Meal delivery program with low carbohydrate, low fat, female, male and vegetarian plans.

Product Features

When ordering meals from the Xengevity company, the dieter would choose a specific type of meal plan and the number of calories they wish to consume. Calories levels ranged from 1,200 to 1,600, which is well within healthy range. We don’t know if the dieter was able to order specific meals or if they were forced to eat the meals included in the monthly delivery, like Nutrisystem.

Meal delivery weight loss programs like Xengevity make it simple to control portion sizes, but dieters may suddenly drop from eating a normal diet to the 1,200 calorie plan in hopes of losing weight faster only to find out they are hungry all the time. It takes 8 to 10 weeks for the stomach to shrink enough to reduce hunger. During this time it takes careful meal planning to curb hunger and maintain weight loss.

There is no pricing information listed for the Xengevity program. The official website results in a 404 (Not Found) error. This could be a temporary problem or it could mean the company has stripped all website files from the Internet to prevent new orders.

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  • Meal delivery helps the dieter control calorie intake.
  • Meals are portioned perfectly for weight loss.
  • Several meal plan options.
  • The company tailored to people with specific dietary needs.


  • Xengevity no longer appears to be an active company.
  • Dieters do not learn how to cook properly when using a meal delivery program.


Xengevity does not offer anything better than other meal delivery weight loss programs like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig. Meal delivery provides a healthy source of calorie-controlled meals, but it does not allow the dieter to learn the proper means of cooking to lose weight. The programs are also very expensive.

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