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The components of a successful diet often include a low calorie food plan, a proven weight loss supplement and daily exercise. The Xertubes are used in the latter, to make the most of your workouts. These resistance tubes come with handles on each end to make them easier to maneuver and a variety of tensions so they are appropriate for any workout level. Consumers who purchase the Xertubes can also buy an instructional booklet or wall charts to show how to use the equipment properly. According to the company website, Xertubes and other types of resistance tubes can build strength, tone the body and build lean muscle tissue. While this appears to be the sort of fitness equipment that would promote weight loss as well, we will take a closer look at Xertubes to see if they can be a truly helpful factor in a weight loss program.

Xertubes are available on the SPRI website, the company that makes the Xertube. They are also found through a number of online retailers specializing in fitness equipment. The resistance levels range from a very light tension for new exercisers to the ultra heavy resistance used by serious fitness buffs. The range of tensions allow people to pump up their workouts as they need so they can continue to tone and shape the body while building muscle mass effectively.

for the Xertubes product.

Product Features

Xertubes can be purchased for $9.95 from the SPRI website at the time of this review. Other retailers price them from $10 to $12. SPRI offers a 30-day money back guarantee on fitness equipment like Xertubes and a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects as well. The return policy would not apply to instructional material purchased along with the resistance tubes.

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  • Xertubes may be an effective piece of equipment to enhance workouts.
  • The resistance tubes are very portable, so they can be taken to the office or on travels.
  • The company offers a money back guarantee and warranty on the items.


  • Strength training is not the most effective exercise for burning calories.
  • Exercise is much more effective when combined with a low calorie diet.
  • Some dieters need a proven fat burner to give them the needed edge in their workouts.
  • Purchasing the bands and sticking with a workout program are very different things.


Xertubes may be a nice addition to the home workout, especially for someone who wants to incorporate strength training and toning into the program. However, the most effective type of exercise for calorie burning is aerobic activity like running, walking, cycling or swimming. We are doubtful that Xertubes would be sufficient on their own in helping dieters reach their weight loss goals.

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